Why does a horse need CBD?

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While it might seem that everywhere you turn the answers to many normal questions has now become CBD. Can’t sleep at night, CBD? Anxious, CBD? In pain? CBD again! And while this is something humans see in ads everyday it is no different than when looking for ways to help our pets and furry family members. It seems that pretty much everything wrong with a pet can be cured with CBD.

As much as we wish that was the truth it isn’t. CBD has a special spot in treatments and can be miraculous for animals ( and humans) who have issues that it can actually fix. We will go some of the things that it can help your horse with, as there are some. By no means is this the be all, and end all, of lists of things that it can help with. However, it is a list of the most common things CBD can help horses with.

Reducing Horse pain with CBD

While it is balancing act between reality and expectations, there are a lot of reports that CBD can help with some pains. The important thing to keep in mind is the level of pain. Similar to a human, if it is a sprain or lighter pain then CBD could help. Sore muscles from a hard run, maybe CBD can help.

But if it is a serious pain that has a cause rooted by an issue, there is less of a chance of CBD helping. Just like there are levels of painkillers in hospitals or at vets, there are levels to pain. CBD might be able to help with some of the lower ones, but there is very little as far as impact goes on specific pains that are intense.

Calming a horse down with CBD

Anxiety , Stress, and irritations can ruin anyones day. Now imagine you couldn’t get calm, and were 400+ lbs of muscle that could run anywhere? It is important to have a calm horse not just for their health but yours as well. A horse that can’t calm down, will be more twitchy and move in unexpected ways. These possibilities can cause serious harm to humans if they are in the way of that horse.

CBD has been shown to reduce stress level hormones in some tests like this one. This was in humans but our systems are similar, so hopefully they do a horse specific test in the future. Either way , CBD has been seen to lower stress in many animals and humans. This is an effect that many people report, so if your horse just can’t calm down CBD might be able to help them.

This again comes with the expectation that needs to be set. If you have tried everything you can do to help your horse calm down, but to no avail then CBD might be an answer. If there is an issues, say with another horse, it might make them more tolerant. However, if it is something that they just can’t get over on their own in all honesty there is a smaller chance that CBD oil can help them. It doesn’t work magic, but can feel like it sometimes! So if your horse is stressed, CBD might help them

The truth about CBD and horses ( conclusion )

While the whole world is trying to sell CBD the truth can be a bit murky. What are the lines that are being blurred between an amazing response and a response everyone could get? This is where getting your expectations in line before using CBD is helpful. If you buy the product to treat something it just wasn’t made for, then it might be a big let down.

We try to give out real advise as to good cbd products for horses , as well as how to use them and what to expect after using them.

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