When is the best time to give CBD medicine for horses?

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The health benefits of CBD for both humans and animals has been scientifically proven time after time. Support from the government, although there is certainly room for improvement, has also opened up the gate to the proper commercialization of CBD-based products.

As the interest from the masses steadily grows, so does the increased variety of products based on CBD. Not only that, articles and even websites that dedicate themselves to explaining and informing all things related to CBD have also appeared on the net one after another.

But one question that is still rarely talked about is not about the what or the how, but about the when. When is the best time to give CBD to your pets? This brief article will focus on answering that question along with several other related questions. Even though it might seem easy like throwing them a cbd horse treat and calling it a day, there are actually times to optimize the ease and success of giving cbd products.

When is the best time to give CBD to your horse?

There is actually no such thing as the best time to give CBD to your pets. You don’t have to give it to them after every meal, or every three hours, or even once a day. To be fair, all of those are a valid time to give CBD for your pets. Not because of the time, but rather because of the consistency and frequency.

Yes, the two most important things to note when it comes to the timing of giving CBD to your pets is the consistency and the frequency. Whether you want to give CBD to your dogs once a day or every three hours, that is fine as long as you are consistent in doing it.

You can’t give CBD every three hours today and just once a day tomorrow. Choose a proper schedule, and stick to it as much as you can. That way, your dog’s body would be able to get used to CBD and create a proper circulation system based on it.

How often should you give CBD to your horse?

We’ve talked about the consistency in the previous section, so now we should talk about the frequency. About how often you should give CBD to your horses? Because before you could stick to a schedule, you should create a proper schedule first, right?

The answer to what is the best schedule for your pets depends entirely on several variables. You should consider what kind of pets that you have, because different animals digest and react to CBD differently. You should take the body mass into account and you should also consider what you want to achieve with the CBD. And many other variables.

For starters, you could experiment with the frequency. Try giving the CBD to your pets once a day at first. Do it for a few weeks to a month and see if there’s any difference or improvement. From there, add the frequency as needed. For more accurate information, always consult your trusted vet first.

What is the best CBD products for your horse?

There are multiple kinds of CBD products that you can give to your pets out there. Each of them is good in their own right. Some of them even have a specific focus that could only be used for certain ailments. This includes products such as CBD cream that is used for external problems.

So as you might’ve surmised, you should pick CBD products based on what you want to do with it. If you want to provide CBD that would gradually take effect during the course of several hours and have nutritional value at the same time, then CBD foods and treats are a good option.

But if you’re new to CBD and you’re not sure what is the most suitable CBD for your pets, then a safe and reliable option would be CBD oil or CBD spray. CBR spray is actually just CBD oil with a spray nozzle on top. A few drops of CBD or a spray or two into your pet’s mouth is enough for one serving.

What to look for in CBD products for your pets

The first and foremost thing that you should look for in a CBD product before you give it to your pets is what type of CBD inside. Based on its Potency, there are three different types of CBD, Full Spectrum CBD that contain THC, Broad Spectrum CBD that has no THC, and Isolate CBD that was made by pure CBD.

While the most potent full spectrum CBD is certainly good, not all animals can withstand the THC inside. So be sure to ask your trusted vet about it. The next thing you should decide is the kind of products that you need. We already talked about that subject in the previous section.

And finally, the most important thing that you should always pay attention to is the seller’s transparency and the info they provide. A good seller will readily tell you everything that you need to know about their products. They should also be able to give you as many answers as logical when asking about their products.


There is no such thing as a magical hour when it comes to the timing of giving CBD to your pets. The most important thing is the frequency and the consistency. You should decide a schedule for giving a CBD to your pets and you should strictly follow that schedule.

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