What is the best CBD blend for horses?  

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Introduction to What is the best CBD blend for horses

CBD can be highly beneficial for horses which is why many owners, veterinarians, and pet health experts recommend it. If you plan to use it, we recommend checking out the different blends it comes in. Here, we guide you by differentiating the three blends, summarizing what the “entourage effect” is, and concluding with the best choice for your horse.

How does CBD affect your horses’ body?

It is best to know first how CBD interacts with the horse’s body before analyzing its composition.

CBD affects your horses’ body through boosting the endocannabinoid system or the ECS. The latter is a body system that has multiple receptors and neurotransmitters, all of which affects various bodily functions. This includes digestion, pain sensitivity, mood, and more. Once CBD is consumed by your horse, their ECS can work better and therefore improve their overall health.

The entourage effect for horses

The entourage effect is a characteristic of hemp plants (from which CBD is produced). Scientists that back this theory states that hemp becomes more beneficial if you use more of its contents. This is through boosting its efficacy and by finetuning its potential side effects.

The other contents of hemp include cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. This can also be found in other plants known as “cannabimimetics” such as liverworts, Echinacea, and rosemary. Check out this great video about how CBD can work for horses:

CBD and horses

The 3 main types of CBD blends for horses

Now that you know what the ECS and entourage effect is, you can better differentiate between the three CBD blends.

Full spectrum blends for horses

The first one is the full spectrum blend which is made by extracting most of hemp’s contents. This is through delicate low heat, ethanol, and vacuum extraction. This gives it a dark green color and a grassy flavor.

Because of its composition, it is the most potent form of CBD. This makes it the best choice for horses experiencing the most intense symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, seizures, and similar issues.

Broad-spectrum blend for horses

The broad-spectrum blend is similar as it also incorporates the flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. However, it does not include the compound named THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

The reason why THC is removed is because it is known to cause some minor side effects when taken in high doses. It also gives a psychoactive effect to whoever consumes it. The good news is that CBD made for horses contain only less than 0.3% which is why this shouldn’t be much of a concern. The reason why broad-spectrum blends are still made is for those who want to avoid THC in any form.

CBD isolate blend for horses

This is the purest form of CBD. It is made by completely distilling the hemp plant until it becomes crystalline powder. Through this, any other contents are removed from the blend. Because of its composition, CBD isolate is the blend that follows the entourage effect the least.

To boost its effectiveness, we recommend using brands that mix other plants similar to hemp to still activate the entourage effect in some ways. As stated above, examples of this are echinacea and black pepper.

What is the best CBD blend for a horse?

For horses, it largely depends upon your needs and your preferences as a user.

In general, the full spectrum blend should be used for those with the most intense symptoms. Its high potency makes it effective even in low doses. Specifically, we recommend it for horses suffering from intense chronic pain from arthritis, those with neurodegenerative disorders, and those with intense anxiety.

The broad-spectrum blend is also recommendable because it still follows the entourage effect in some form. It is also easier to dose compared to the full spectrum blend because side effects are less likely to happen.  

Lastly, CBD isolate is recommended best if you plan to use it as a daily health supplement for your horse. It has the best flavor and the mildest potency.

Tips to remember to with CBD blends

CBD flavor for your horse

While full spectrum blend is the most effective, it is also the one with the strongest grassy flavor. If your horse is particularly picky, you may want to use a broad-spectrum or CBD isolate blend. To help, some companies also incorporate natural flavors of cinnamon, honey, and green apple to make the CBD easier to eat for horses.

Type of CBD form for your horse

You should also consider which CBD form you’ll be using. For horses, the top choice is CBD oil which is given through a dropper. There are also CBD horse treats and pellets which are chewier and more flavorful. Other forms include pills, tinctures, and creams.

Knowing the best form is important as some horses may prefer one over another.

Conclusion to What is the best CBD blend for horses

In the end, we advise you to match the CBD blend to your horses’ symptoms. We recommend full spectrum for the most severe symptoms, the broad spectrum for a perfect middle ground, and CBD isolate for the mildest form. Through this, you can find just the perfect blend to help your horse return to peak health.

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