What is a cannabimimetic and what can it do for horses?

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A new variety of an existing product usually shows up when said products have seen a decline in its popularity. But it is actually the opposite for CBDs. CBD horse treats at the peak of their popularity right now and there seems to be a new variety coming up. It is known as cannabimimetics.

If you stumble upon this article, chances are you notice the name cannabimimetics while you look around for CBD products. And you might be wondering if cannabimimetics truly has something to do with cannabinoids or is it only just a similarity in their name.

But yes, cannabimimetics indeed have a connection to the CBD. You’ll find everything that you need to know about cannabimimetics in this brief article.

What are cannabimimetics?

So what is cannabimimetics? Cannabimimetics is the name for the compounds that have similar properties as CBD. This despite having no connection whatsoever to cannabis or any of its subclass plants, such as hemp. Many times their effect can’t be noticed between them and cbd based products.

Even though cannabimimetics are talked about in the public only recently, the research behind it has actually been around for quite some time. The purpose of the research is to look for a viable alternative to the CBD that was still deemed illegal by the US federal government at the time.

Cannabimimetics compounds are found within some of the most common plants that everybody has come across at some point in their life. These plants includes rosemary, liverwort, thyme, cocoa, and turmeric, and many others. And of course, just like CBD, they can be organic compounds that you can find in nature.

How do cannabimimetics works?

CBD, THC, and other types of cannabinoids work by binding itself to the endocannabinoid system through its endocannabinoid receptors. Endocannabinoid system is a neural network that has influence on different parts of the body and the brain. By connecting to this system, CBD could temporarily affect the endocannabinoid system’s area of influence.

While cannabimimetics is not a cannabinoid, they both work in a very similar way. The endocannabinoid receptors can be put into two categories , the CB1 and CB2. CB1 is responsible for various parts of the brain and body. While CB2 mainly appears in the immune system and the gastrointestinal system.

Cannabinoids could bind to both receptors at the same time and gain a temporal influence to some of its functions. Cannabimimetics could also do the same thing. And that is the reason why cannabimimetics could present so many similar effects and benefits as CBDs.

What can cannabimimetics do for horses

If you ever give CBD to your horses, no matter what the delivery method might be, you might’ve noticed certain kinds of effects that CBD could give to your horse. Well, cannabimimetics could basically give the same effects and health benefits to your horses.

Let’s divide the benefits to both the body and the mind. For the body, cannabimimetics could improve your horse’s immune system, increase their appetite, and boost their energy, among other things. It could even give your horse a better coat and more lustrous mane.

For the mind, the effect is also similar to the CBD. Giving cannabimimetics to your horse would help her calm down and lower their anxiety level. It could also improve their mood and reduce their physical pain. The level of potency is pretty much similar to the broad spectrum CBD.

The main difference between CBD and cannabinoids is the fact their origins. For cannabimimetics, all of those effects are spread across different kinds of plants. While CBD has every single one of those benefits from the same plant, which is hemp.

There’s a lot of appeal to the concept behind cannabimimetics, a compound that has all the benefits of CBDs. But it comes from plants that are easy to grow and sell without any potential negative impact of CBD. Unfortunately, there’s not many products with cannabimimetics being sold in the market currently.

One of the reputable brands that already offer cannabimimetics within its lineup is Furbabies. This vancouver-based company specialized in health-based products for pets. They have different kinds of products for cats, dogs, and even horses. Their hose drops for pain have been one of the best received items we have heard of.

Seeing the potential behind cannabimimetics, Furbabies decided to add the compounds and turn it into viable products within their wide catalog. If you head to their official website, you’ll find various products based on cannabimimetics. And for your horses, you can get the Furbabies oral drops, among other things.

Since not many people know about cannabimimetics, Furbabies also provides extensive documentation about the compounds. And not only that, there’s also guidelines on how to give it to your horses and how much you should give per serving.


Cannabimimetics are compounds that come from plants that have little to nothing to do with cannabis and yet it could produce the same beneficial effects when consumed. The reason for that is because cannabimimetics compounds could bind into the same CB1 and CB2 connectors, just like CBD.

Although all of the benefits in cannabimimetics come from different plants, it is still relatively easy to cultivate those plants, unlike with hemp. That is why cannabimimetics could be seen as a viable alternative to CBD.

If you’re interested in giving products based on cannabimimetics a try, one of the best products comes from a brand called Furbabies. Make sure to visit their official website to see the wide variety of products in their catalog.

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