What can CBD do for horses?

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Introduction to CBDs benefits for horses

CBD is very effective for humans and most pets, and has since gathered a reputation for being immensely helpful for different symptoms such as chronic pain, anxiety, and the likes. Because of this, many are also wondering if it can be helpful for horses. The good news is that the product has a lot of benefits for our equine companions.

Horses are high-maintenance pets. They need a big stable, good food supply, and regular grooming to ensure that they are always at their best performance. They are also highly intelligent and can experience a wide range of emotions which we can see with how they respond to us. This complexity gives them a lot of unique abilities, but at the same time, makes them vulnerable to a lot of diseases. CBD is a great product for improving their overall health. This article is a quick guide on its benefits for equines, how it is given to them, and more.

How does CBD affect horses?

Horses, along with dogs, cats, and even humans have an endocannabinoid system. This is a regulating part of the body that has a lot of effects on various aspects of health such as the immune system, the nervous system, our mood, and more. CBD promotes homeostasis and ensures that body levels are kept normal. It can also help boost the function of different parts of the body.

The endocannabinoid system of the body directly interacts with endocannabinoids such as CBD. The latter can boost its functions which then helps revitalize the various parts of the body. Once CBD receptors are stimulated, the animal can experience a wide range of benefits.

Is CBD safe for horses?

In proper dosages, CBD is safe for your horse. To help you balance it, manufacturers provide a lot of instructions in the packaging of the product. Info such as how many drops are necessary which depend on the size of the horse is shown. In case you are still not sure about how to properly give it to the horse, simply ask for a veterinarian’s advice.

To be safe, it is better to give CBD in gradually increasing dosages. For this, you can determine whether the horses’ behavioral issues improve over time and if they still need more of it. This also ensures that they can adjust to it.

What are the benefits of CBD for horses?

CBD provides a lot of benefits for horses that are also similar for humans, dogs, and cats.

Relivieng Horse anxiety with CBD

One of the most popular usages of CBD is to lessen anxiety. This is especially good for hoses who are prone to being anxious whenever they are in an area with a lot of loud noises and bright lights. This can make them unresponsive to commands and prone to being hyper-reactive. Once they are regularly administered with CBD, they can be less jumpy and calmer when it comes to stressful situations. This also makes them more behaved and easier to train. This does not affect their performance and speed as long as you give them the proper dosage.

Alleviates chronic horse pain with cbd

Another benefit that you can get from CBD is alleviating any pain that your horse may be experiencing. It is quite hard to detect pain with horses until it reaches a point where they are wincing or being slower than usual. Without your knowledge, they may already experience swelling joints and pain from overuse of their muscles and ligaments. They may also be suffering from pain brought by old age and osteoarthritis. When given CBD, horses can feel lighter and ready to move.

Boosts horses overall health with CBD

As mentioned above, CBD interacts with different parts of the body. Because of this, it can help boost the horse’s health in different ways. First, it can stabilize their mood and behavior which makes them friendlier and less easily irritated. This can also boost their appetite which can make them more energetic. Next, this can also boost their immune system and make them protected against neurodegenerative diseases. Finally, it can improve the condition of their skin.

How do I give CBD to my horse?

CBD is administered as oil for horses. The dosage is controlled by counting the total number of drops you will give which will depend on their specific health needs and their size. These are usually stated in the packaging of the product. Aside from this, there are also treats that can be given to horses that are easy to chew for them.

Does CBD have negative side effects?

CBD does not have any side effects if given in proper dosages. If the horse accidentally overdoses from it, the worst side effects only include diarrhea and headaches. It is not toxic or lethal in high doses.


CBD can help boost the health of your horse in a lot of ways. It can relieve them from anxiety, lessen any pain they experience, and improve their overall health. It does this by interacting with the endocannabinoid system of their body. it is safe to consume and comes in a variety of forms to make it easier to feed to them.

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