What can cbd do for horses ?

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Introduction to what CBD can do for horses

You might’ve heard about how great CBD-based products are for cats and dogs. It promises to deliver a wide range of health benefits for them. And CBD managed to deliver on those promises. Which is why lots of CBD brands put loads of different CBD-based products into the market, and why consumers keep buying them.

But do you know that those benefits are not exclusive to dogs and cats? CBD is a compound that could be used by almost every animal, particularly for mammals. And the one that could currently enjoy the benefits of CBD other than dogs and cats, are horses.

Although CBD-based products for horses are not as varied as for dogs and cats, there are still quite a lot of options that you can choose out there. But before you consider giving any kind of CBD to your horses, let’s talk about what CBD actually does for horses.

What can CBD do for horses?

As an anti-anxiety. The main and most obvious function of CBD is as an anti-anxiety solution. And depending on how you use the CBD, it could also be one of the fastest and most noticeable effects that you’d see on your horses.

As a painkiller. CBD also has access to the part of your brain that acts as the pain management. That means it could significantly reduce the pain that your horses feel at the time. And by working in tandem with its calming effect, CBD could make life way more comfortable for your ailing horse.

As a way to treat epilepsy. Not only epilepsy, CBD is good for other kinds of seizures as well. But keep in mind that CBD could not totally cure your horse from their epilepsy, what it could do is significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of the seizures and the epilepsy.

To manage appetite. Some of the physical problems suffered by your horses might come from their appetite. If so, then adding CBD to their daily diets could certainly help. And if you could replace their usual food with dedicated CBD pellets that you can get from various CBD brands, then it’ll be better.

To promote a healthier coat and mane. Unlike with the anxiety, this one is not an effect that you’d immediately notice from CBD. But if you keep giving it to your horse, then over time, you would notice the improvement in the overall quality of their coat and mane.

Is CBD safe for horses?

All of those benefits that we’ve talked about in the previous section sure does sound wonderful, but is it safe? Are there any negative side effects to your horses when they consume CBD? The answer is no, there won’t be any negative side effects on your horses due to the use of CBD. CBD is perfectly safe for horses.

The big reason why CBD is safe is simply because it is an organic compound. You can find CBD inside cannabis, or in the case of commercially available CBD, you can find them from hemp. You can give CBD to your horses at any amount that you choose, and they’ll be fine.

And since CBD is a naturally occuring compound, there’s not even a risk of overdose when it comes to CBD. So when you compare it to prescribed medicines that would treat the same ailments as CBD, you’ll find that the organic CBD is way safer than its chemically synthesized counterparts.

What is the best form of CBD for horses?

There are numerous CBD-based products for horses that you can find in the market right now. Granted, the options may not be as varied as the ones for dogs and cats. After all, more people own cats and dogs compared to horses. But there are still quite a few CBD brands out there that would cater to your horse’s specific needs and preferences.

Let’s start with the products themselves. As mentioned before, there are appropriate products for every kind of ailment that you want to treat. If what you want to treat is mainly their anxiety, then you can use CBD paste. But if what you want to solve is something like seizures, then CBD pellets that would slowly work through their digestive system would be a better choice.

And now that we settled on the products, let’s move on to what type of CBD that you should give to your horses. Based on how strong the effect is, there are three kinds of CBD that you can choose. But for starters, the broad spectrum CBD that has the perfect balance between potency and safety should be a good choice. You can increase it later on to the full spectrum CBD or lower it to the isolate CBD based on how your horse reacts.

How to give CBD to horses

Since we’ve already decided on the CBD products and the type of CBD in it, the next thing that you need to do is administer it properly to your horses. For CBD paste, all you need to do is simply take the paste as needed, and then put it into your horse’s mouth, particularly under their tongue.

As for CBD pellets, you could give it just like how you would give their usual foods. But what is actually more important to note other than how you give the CBD to your horse is the consistency. How much you give them and how often you give the CBD to them matters a lot.

There are a lot of different variables that should be taken into account when deciding about these things. So it’ll be best if you talk to your trusted vets about this. But one thing you need to remember is once you decide on the schedule, you should always follow it. Or at least until your horses need something different. We have also put together a quick article about common dosing amounts of CBD for horses.

Conclusion for what CBD can do for horses

For horse owners out there, your beloved animal could also enjoy the benefits of CBD-based products. From dealing with anxiety, to treating their epilepsy, there are lots of good things that your horse could enjoy through CBD. Just get a tube of broad spectrum CBD paste and follow the right dosage and schedule, and your horse will feel better in no time.

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