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Introduction to the different forms and blends of CBD for horses

Horses greatly benefit from all-natural health supplements. Nowadays, CBD is the go-to for many owners because of its countless positive reviews. CBD’s recent legalization also made it very easy to purchase.

If you are planning to use CBD for your horse, we recommend reading more about its different forms and blends. After all, this can determine how easy CBD is given to them every day, how fast its benefits can be seen, and how effective it will be for them.

Forms of CBD for horses

1. CBD oils

When you first think of CBD, this form is probably the first on your mind. After all, oils are the most abundant in the pet market. To make their products competitive, many companies also create special flavors and blends which then gives owners more options.

These oils are made by harvesting the CBD compound from the hemp plant, diluting it with an oil carrier, and then mixing flavors and other boosting ingredients to it. The oil carrier comes from coconut, pumpkin, or the hemp plant itself. It also makes the blend healthier for the horses’ heart.

The oil is then given to horses by applying it on their gums or by dropping it on their tongue. This can work within 20-30 minutes.

The primary advantage of CBD oils for horses is that its exact dose can be measured by the owner themselves. This is by using a dropper that comes with the oil which can tell you the exact mL of CBD you give to them. The measurement depends upon the horse’s weight and the symptom you will treat. Instructions are provided in the packaging to guide users.

However, this can also be a disadvantage for first-time users who may have difficulty in measuring the dose and giving it to their horse. The latter is especially true if their equine companion suffers from anxiety which can make them less obedient.

2.  CBD Treats for horses

If you have difficulty with using CBD oils, you can instead use CBD horse treats. These are simply treats which mix CBD oil with a chewable substance. These also have a pre-measured dose for each treat which means that you can simply count how many of these treats you give in a day to control its dose. This also comes with a flavor that many horses are fond of such as peppermint, apple, and others.

The primary advantage of this form is how easy it is to give to them. The problem, however, is that treats take some time for their stomach to process because of its solid form. This causes a delay of about an hour or more before it kicks in. This delay won’t be noticeable, though, if it is given every day as their bodies have already adjusted to it.

Similar to this are CBD pellets. This also comes with its own flavor and aroma to make it more appealing for horses.

3. CBD Skin Salves

Horse owners know that skin issues are quite common with their large friends. They can be high-maintenance extended family members that can develop issues in their skin in just a week. If they have skin sores, wounds, and hotspots, we recommend using CBD skin salves. It is CBD mixed with oils and wax to make it stay on their skin. This promotes healing and lessens the inflammation of their skin. Companies often mix natural ingredients like beeswax and rosemary to further boost its effects.

Different blends of CBD for horses

If you’ve decided on the form of CBD you prefer the most, you should now choose which blend is best suited for them. For this, we recommended going for a middle ground between your convenience and the symptoms felt by the horses.

For beginners, we recommend using the CBD isolate blend for horses. This form does not have any other contents of the hemp plant save for CBD itself. Because of this, it is very hard to go over the dose for this. CBD isolate blends are usually mixed with some ingredients that boost its cannabimimetic properties to make it healthier for horses.

For those familiar with CBD already, we recommend using the CBD broad-spectrum blend. This blend takes all of the parts of the hemp plants except for THC. Through this, it becomes more potent and capable of healing the symptoms of the horse.

For those who’ve mastered using CBD, we recommend using the CBD full-spectrum blend. Because it incorporates everything in hemp including THC (with levels below 0.3%), it is highly effective and potent for them. With the right dose, the horse’s symptoms are treated quickly.

In general, milder symptoms of anxiety and pain can be treated with CBD isolates. However, mobility-limiting arthritis and pain may need a more potent blend to make it more effective. Even if CBD isolates can treat more severe symptoms in high doses, it may not be budget-friendly in the long term as you will quickly run out of this.

Conclusion to the different forms and blends of CBD for horses

The form of CBD affects how convenient it is to give every day and how long it takes effect. Among these, oils are the most abundant and have the most variation which is why it is an easy choice for many. Still, treats and salves have advantages of their own which also makes it recommendable. Choosing the CBD blend, on the other hand, depends upon the severity of their symptoms and how accurately you can measure its dose.

With all of these, we still recommend CBD as more of a health supplement rather than a direct treatment in case their illnesses are too severe. We also recommend seeking a veterinarian’s approval to make sure that the CBD will not have negative interactions with the medicine that they are currently taking.

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