What are the best CBD products for horses in Canada?

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Introduction to the best CBD products for horses in Canada

The popularity of CBD products has been on the rise lately. That’s why the market is flooded with different CBD products that come from different brands from all over the world. All promise to be the best for your pets. 

But if you’re a horse owner, the amount of options that you have is somewhat less than others. That being said, it is still quite a sizable amount. But picking one carelessly won’t resolve any ailments on your horses. You need to look for the best CBD products for them. 

This article can help you with that. We will briefly talk about all the different kinds of CBD products. There will be a section about choosing the best CBD products for your horses in Canada. And finally, a recommendation for some of the best CBD products in Canada. 

Different kind of CBD products for horses

CBD oil for horses

Let’s start by talking about different kinds of CBD products that you can get for your horses. The easiest to find will certainly be CBD oil. This is the natural form of CBD extract and also one of the fast-acting CBD. Simply drop a couple of CBD oil into your horse’s mouth, and you’ll be able to notice its effects in mere minutes.

CBD paste for horses

But you may be afraid your horses will break the glass dropper of CBD oil while you give it to them. In that case, you should get CBD paste. This is essentially CBD oil but in the form of a paste. Just take the paste onto your hand as much as needed and then gently rub it under your horses’ tongue. 

CBD pellets for horses

Both previous products can be considered to be fast-acting products. But what if you want the effect of the CBD to work slowly over a longer stretch of time? For that, you need CBD pellets. This one is identical to any other horse foods. It has every essential nutrient in it but it also has the benefits from the CBD.

CBD salves for horses

If you plan to use CBD products to deal with external problems, then you should get CBD salves. This cream-like product is perfect to deal with things like rashes, bruises, sprained ankles, and things of that nature. CBD salves are perfect for most muscle, joint, and skin-related ailments. 

Infographic showing horses CB1 and CB2 locations
Reasons why CBD is good for horses

Different types of CBD for horses

Full Spectrum CBD for horses

When it comes to potency, full spectrum CBD is the strongest one. The reason is due to the existence of THC and other minor cannabinoids along with the CBD. You should give full spectrum CBD if your horses have acute anxiety or if they are suffering from chronic pain. But do keep in mind that excess THC can be dangerous for your horse. In all honesty, full spectrum is the best place to start for horses, as it is the widest net to get the possibility of treating your issues the results you want.

Broad Spectrum CBD for horses

Broad spectrum CBD has a great balance between potency and safety. Because it contains CBD and other minor cannabinoids without any THC. This one is perfect for everyday use by your horses. It has enough strength in it to help dealing with various ailments on your horses without any negative risk. 

CBD Isolate for horses

CBD isolate is the weakest of the bunch when it comes to potency. After all, it only has pure CBD in it without any of the other cannabinoids. But that doesn’t make it useless. On the contrary, you should give isolate CBD to your horses if their systems are somehow sensitive to hemp-based products.

What are the best CBD products for your horses?

The previous two sections highlight the different combinations that you can take to find the best CBD for your horses. There are fast-acting CBD and there are also some that take time to work. The strength of the CBD products itself can be chosen based on what your horses actually need.

If your horses are in chronic pain or when they feel anxious, you should give them full spectrum CBD oil. Because it is a very potent and fast-acting CBD. But if you intend to reduce your horses’ appetite, then broad spectrum CBD pellets can be a great option. 

So the answer to what is the best CBD product for your horses depends highly on what your horses need. That being said, you may simply want something that can boost their health. In that case, you should get a broad spectrum CBD oil.

Best brands for horses in Canada


furbabies equine care
Bottle and box for Furbabies Equine care for Pain

When it comes to good hemp-based products in Canada for your horses, then the best brand is definitely Furbabies. Furbabies has been in the industry for a long time and has served countless satisfied customers. They offer a wide selection of products such as hemp oil, hemp treats, hemp salves, etc.

All of those products are available not only for horses, but also for cats and dogs. What’s even better, you can get their hemp oil and hemp treats in numerous flavors. The perfect blend of high-quality products, excellent services, and affordable prices are what makes customers keep coming back to Furbabies.

The nice thing about Furbabies is that they custom design their products for issues relating to horses specifically. While others might have oral drops for pets, their blends are made specifically for horse issues. Their oil drop options are designated for either calming your horse down, or dealing with pain related issues.

furbabies care drops
the bottle and package furbabies horse drops comes in

Creating Better Days

cbd for horses packaging
box shot of creating better days horse cbd product

In a lot of ways, when we did a review of Creating Better Days we noticed it is very similar to Furbabies. Both brands have a similar selection of products and they also focus solely on pets. But they also put higher price tags on their products. While there is nothing bad about a higher price, there is a trade off between cost and benefits. With Furbabies we simply find that the benefits are not any lower, but the cost is. This is why we suggest them as your number one choice for hemp horse products in Canada.


CannaHorse white bottle of cbd oil
white bottle with branding on from Cannahorse

Cannahorse is another great product that comes from a company that specializes in CBD products for horses. They are very focused on treating horses specifically and receive great reviews online. Although they lack choices, it can’t be held against them. They focus specifically on one species and it shows. Of all the products we looked at when we did a review of Cannahorse CBD oil we were really impressed.

Elite Three Hemp Seed Oil

Elite Three is a company that specialize in creating health and wellness products for horses in Canada. Similar to Furbabies, Elite Three also offers a hemp seed oil made especially with horses in mind. They also have other nutritional and grooming products for your horses.

Final thoughts on who has the best Horse CBD products in Canada

There are so many different kinds of CBD products that you can easily find for your horses. Each comes in three different levels of strength. That means the best CBD products for your horses depend highly on what your horse actually needs. Some horses bodies react better to some oils than others, so it really does depend on them. But if you are just starting your journey of finding the right oil for your horse we suggest trying Furbabies first. .

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