What are the best cbd products for horses in Canada

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Introduction to the best CBD products for horses in Canada

In recent years, CBD products seem to have become the one supplement that almost every pet owner uses. And its popularity doesn’t seem to be dwindling at all. On the contrary, the number of people who seek various CBD products just keeps increasing.

But most of those products are aimed towards dogs, cats, and other small animals. Which makes sense, after all, those are the kinds of animals that most people keep as pets. Creating products to fit the majority of the customers is what every business sets out to do.

That being said, what if you have big animals like horses? Are there any CBD products that you can get for them? The answer is overwhelmingly yes. So for you horse owners out there, this article will tell you about the best CBD products for your horse. And some top brands recommend it as well. If you want an even fuller list make sure to check out the best cbd horse products in Canada page as well.

What are the criteria for the best CBD products for horses?

High quality ingredients. The most obvious quality that you should look for is of course the ingredients. High quality CBD products are made out of high quality ingredients. That’s why looking into the list of ingredients before buying CBD products is a must.

Availability of information. Before you buy any CBD products for horses, you often need to know some additional information. Such as where the hemp is grown, what is the extraction method used, etc. Only buy your CBD products from a company that can provide you with this information.

Brand reputation. Just like with the ingredients, high quality products come from reputable brands. One of the marks of a brand that has a good reputation is their external references. Something like a review of their products from reputable sources. A mention of their products by a famous website is also a good indicator.

Positive customer reviews. This one often goes without saying. A good product that satisfies its users will have equally good reviews. So it is always worth it to read the reviews that people leave in each product. Numerous positive reviews are a great sign of a high quality product.

Why should you buy your CBD locally?

We’ve mentioned above that it is important for you to know some additional information before you buy CBD. One of which is “where the hemp was grown”. The reason you need to know it is because locally grown hemp often has better quality.

When it comes to products that are based on plants, the fresh one is always better. The same thing also applies to hemp. CBDs that were extracted from freshly cut hemp leaves and stalks will produce higher quality end-products.

But unfortunately, many companies outsource their hemp from abroad. There are a lot of different reasons why they do such a thing. Such as labor cost, government’s regulation, etc. That kind of practice is often done by big corporations. That is why it is always better to buy CBD products from a local brand.

Different CBD products for horses

CBD oil for horses

●Just like dogs and cats, horses can also enjoy CBD oil. The contents and the delivery method is similar to what you’d get from CBD oil for smaller animals. The main difference is usually the size. CBD oil for horses is usually sold in a bigger bottle to accommodate what the horses need.

CBD paste

● CBD oil usually uses a glass dropper to put the oil into the back of your horse’s tongue. If you are worried that the glass can break while you give the oil, CBD paste is a good alternative. You can simply squeeze out the paste and apply it directly to the back of their tongue.

CBD pellets

● But you might want something that has a tasty flavor and can work slowly overtime. In that case CBD pellets are the one you should get. It is just like normal food for horses. But other than the usual essential nutrition, it also contains CBD in it.

CBD horse treats

● If CBD pellets are a replacement for your horse’s full meal, then CBD treats are their snack replacement. There are different shapes and flavors that you can choose from. And most brands usually state the amount of CBD inside every treat.

CBD salves for horses

● This one is for external use only. CBD salve is the one you should use when there’s something wrong with their skin or muscle. It is useful for treating everything from pulled muscle to bumps and redness.

When the name CBD oil is getting famous all around the world, another name is also getting popular as well. And that is hemp oil. Both CBD oil and hemp oil used to refer to the same products. After all, both do refer to the source material, which is hemp.

But nowadays, they refer to two distinct products. The difference starts at the way they are produced. CBD oil is the result of an extraction process done on hemp’s leaves and stalks. While hemp oil is the result of cold pressing the hemp seeds.

CBD oil vs hemp oil

As for the benefits, they both offer similar effects. But hemp oil is slightly weaker due to the fact that it doesn’t have CBD in it. On the other hand, hemp oil often contains other essential ingredients as well. These additional compounds can bring a more holistic treatment to your horses.

The best products for horses in Canada


When it comes to hemp products from Canada for horses, then the best one is certainly Furbabies. Furbabies is a company that has been getting a lot of attention recently. The reason is simply due to the high quality nature of their products.

Furbabies is a company that is based in Vancouver, Canada. They have been making hemp-based products for pets for a long time. They have developed a unique proprietary blend unlike any other company in the market. You can read all of the rave reviews left by their customers to see how much they love Furbabies’s products.

The flagship products of Furbabies are their line of hemp oils. But if you want something different for your horses, Furbabies also have hemp treats and hemp salves. Not only that, the price of their products are also quite affordable. So you really get a nice balance between quality and price with Furbabies.

Creating Better Days

Another notable company from Canada when it comes to hemp-based products is Creating Better Days. Just like Furbabies, they also focus on providing high quality products for pets. And Creating Better Days also offers a wide selection of products that you can choose from. CBD oils, CBD treats, CBD salves, you name it and they got it.

Creating Better Days also guarantees that every product that they sell has gone through rigorous quality control. Everything is personally checked by experts in their field to make sure only high quality products are sold to their customers. But as you can expect, these premium products also come in premium price tags.

CBD North

Last but not least is CBDNorth. This one is also based in Vancouver, Canada. But unlike Furbabies that focus solely on pets, CBDNorth has products for both humans and animals. So you can get CBD oil for both you and your pets at the same time.

But since CBDNorth focuses on a wide variety of audience, their selection of products are quite limited. They have CBD oil in different flavors for both humans and animals. But other than that, you can only get CBD salves for your horses.

Conclusion to the best CBD products for horses in Canada

You can get different CBD and other hemp-based products for your horses. It might not be as widely available as the ones for smaller animals, but there are some good brands out there. Just make sure to buy one from your local brands. And you won’t go wrong with any brands mentioned above.

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