What are phytocannabinoids and how do they help your horse?

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Introduction to phytocannabinoids and how do they help your horses

CBD has become all the rage within the consumer of pet’s health and wellness products. More and more people give CBD to their cats, dogs, and horses everyday and everywhere around the world. And the overwhelming majority of them have nothing but praise for it.

This led CBD to become the new trend among the pet owners community. Which in turn brings more people into the CBD and further boosts its popularity. Unfortunately, there are those who get into CBD without having the proper knowledge of how it works on their pets.

There are a lot of things that you need to know about CBD before you can give it to your pets. Especially about the origin of it all, the cannabinoids compound. This article will focus on that topic, particularly the phytocannabinoids for horses. What it is, how it works, and also how it can help your horses.

What are cannabinoids and how does they work?

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that can be found in humans, and certain kinds of animals, and even plants. It’s main purpose within our system is to keep the body in a balanced condition, otherwise known as Homeostasis. This balance is critical in keeping the mind and the body in a healthy condition.

The cannabinoid works through something called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). ECS is a vast neural network that spans across the body of humans and most mammals. ECS exist within the nervous system, immune system, digestive system, and other vital organs as well.

Scientists have found countless receptors on the Endocannabinoid System. Based on their main locations, they are called Cannabinoid Receptors 1 (CB1) and Cannabinoid Receptors 2 (CB2). CB1 is responsible for the area surrounding the central nervous system, while CB2 focuses more on the peripheral nervous system.

What are the different kind of cannabinoids identified right now?

There are three different cannabinoids known to us at the moment. Two of them occurred naturally, while one of them is man-made. The first one is called Endocannabinoids. It is the cannabinoids that are produced by the body of humans, horses, and other types of mammals.

The second one is called Phytocannabinoids. It is the type of cannabinoids that are solely produced by plants. That being said, not every plant is capable of producing cannabinoids. The one plant that is known to produce an overwhelming amount of cannabinoids is cannabis. It can also be found on its subclass plants, such as hemp and marijuana.

The last one is called Synthetic Cannabinoids. As mentioned earlier, these are the types of cannabinoid compounds that are synthesized by humans in a lab. You can find synthesized cannabinoids in the market, but it is always better to use organic ones whenever possible.

How phytocannabinoids can help your horses?

Scientists found that Endocannabinoids and Phytocannabinoids have relatively the same structure and the same functions. So other than its origin, there are no significant differences between the two. So in that case, why would your horses need phytocannabinoids when their body already produces endocannabinoids on its own?

The truth of the matter is Endocannabinoids are produced in a limited quantity. So there are times when your body loses its balance and the amount of endocannabinoids available is simply not enough. And that is how phytocannabinoids can help your horses.

By giving the additional cannabinoids through the phytocannabinoids, you can help bring your horses back to their homeostasis state. Not only that, when you give the phytocannabinoids to your horses, it can also help tackle various ailments on their mind and body.

How to pick the best cannabinoid products for your horse?

We’ve talked briefly about how Phytocannabinoids can help your horses. While that is absolutely true, that doesn’t mean you should give the full and raw phytocannabinoids to your horses. You should give them the cannabinoid extracts instead.

There are two main components in a cannabinoid extract, the Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). There are other minor cannabinoid compounds as well, but those two are the main compounds. THC carries an inherent health risk to your horses. So for your horses, you should give the broad spectrum CBD unless your vets said otherwise. Broad spectrum means it contains CBD and other minor cannabinoids.

As for the form of the products, there are several CBD-based products that you can choose for your horses. There’s CBD oil, CBD paste, CBD pellets, CBD salves, and many other good options. If you have never given CBD for your horses before, you should start with either CBD oil or CBD paste.

Conclusion to phytocannabinoids and how do they help your horses

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that are responsible for keeping the body in the Homeostasis state. And based on its origin, cannabinoids can be split into three categories. Endocannabinoids that are produced in the body of humans, horses and other mammals. Phytocannabinoids that come from plants, particularly cannabis, marijuana, and hemp. Last but not least is Synthetic Cannabinoids, a man-made cannabinoids compound.

Even though your horses can produce their own endocannabinoid compounds, there are times when an external boost is needed. This is especially true if your horses are currently suffering from certain ailments, such as anxiety or epilepsy. Giving them phytocannabinoids can help them deal with those issues and bring their body back to its balanced state.

If you’re interested in giving phytocannabinoids for your horses, you should get products based on its extracts, particularly CBD. There are lots of different CBD products out there, but you can start with broad spectrum CBD oil. For more accurate information on the dosage, you should talk to your trusted vets.

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