What are CBD horse treats?

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Horse owners know that they frequently suffer from a lot of issues. After all, they are expected to have a high performance no matter what they are used for such as racing, farming, and riding. Their bodies are susceptible to experiencing swollen joints, infections, cancers, and more. One of the health supplements that many use nowadays is CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a compound that can be found in the cannabis hemp plant. It is popular among many people who claim that it can treat their anxiety, chronic pains, and improve their quality of life. Because of this effectiveness and safety, it is now used for pets like dogs, cats, and horses.

How is CBD given to horses?

When CBD is mentioned, the first thing that you may think of are the CBD oils which are distributed through bottles that have their own droppers. Some of these are also available in tinctures.

While these are safe for horses, some may have difficulty in giving it to them especially if they are picky. Because of this, pet companies have created CBD horse treats which are simply cookies or biscuits mixed with CBD. These are also flavored with a pleasant fragrance such as peppermint, apple, carrot, and more which horses love. Because of this, they easily eat the treats which makes giving CBD every day easy.

Why CBD horse treats might be better than CBD oil.

While it can sometimes be a pain to get our pets to take their medicine we find that if you are encountering issues with the cbd oil to try out CBD treats. Sometimes it is just that horses are not used to the oil being put onto their gums, or on their treats. In our product reviews we didn’t encounter this issue, but it can happen. This is why CBD horse treats might be better, as they are pre mixed and can sometimes be more palatable for your horse.

Another benefit of treats is that the benefits are seen for a longer time than with oil directly. This is because the body will absorb and use the oil quicker than the treats. So you will get it into their system quickly, but it will be out of the system quicker. With treats there is usually some physical aspect to the CBD which takes a bit longer to break down. However, just like the oil and the timing; the longer it takes to take in generally the longer it takes to get out.

What are CBD’s benefits for horses?

CBD is a compound which is beneficial because it interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body. Horses can get a lot of benefits of CBD by getting these chemicals to their system. Through this, it can stimulate the release of neurotransmitters and receptors which target the nervous system. From here, you can get a lot of benefits for your horse such as the following:

Relief from pain

Horses are not vocal creatures, but they show pain in their own ways. You may notice them being slower while running, having difficulty in keeping their posture straight, and sleeping more than usual. The pain in their body is caused by various reasons such as inflammations brought by arthritis, the development of cancer, and many more.

While CBD is not a direct medicine for any of these, it can greatly help in reducing any constant pain that they may be feeling. Their sensitivity to pain is reduced which allows them to move more. Many horse owners report that they become more energetic and youthful after being regularly given CBD. Because of this, they can receive exercise which further improves their health.

Decreased anxiety 

Horses can become very anxious if they are not comfortable in their environment. This can be because there are a lot of bright lights and loud noises, the presence of pests and rodents in the stable, or because of their personality.

CBD is observed to greatly help in improving their mental health and making them less anxious. Many horses become more relaxed which allows them to do their day-to-day activities without hassle. It does not make them sleepy or lethargic if given with the right dose, and in contrast, encourages them to move further.

Lessen epileptic attacks in horses

Some horses are born with epilepsy which causes them to experience surges of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. This then causes uncontrollable and violent jerking and twitching of the body. This can greatly exhaust the horse and make them uncomfortable after an attack. They can also accidentally hit their limbs while having an attack as they will be unconscious while it happens.

CBD has been seen to relax their muscles and lessen the occurrence of epilepsies. When it happens, it can also help in lessening its intensity.

Gastrointestinal issues

Even though horses are herbivores, they are prone to having gastrointestinal issues. This is because they need to produce high levels of stomach acid to properly the abundant number of fibers which they consume. Over time, this may result in complications such as leptin and insulin resistance which are like diabetes in humans. When this happens, the amount of nutrition they get is reduced.

CBD has been seen to reduce these issues by lessening inflammation in their gut. Through this, they can absorb nutrition better which makes them healthier.

Overall health boost for horses

With all of these, the horses’ health will improve in the long term as a result of the main benefits. Because they experience less pain and anxiety, old and weak horses are seen to be more energetic and youthful again. They can also start having a more regular sleeping pattern as their sleep is not interrupted. They also have a better immune system as they can absorb more nutrients, have more exercise, and are free from stress.

Many owners are standing by the effectiveness of CBD. In fact, it is currently prohibited to be used for racehorses. This is because there is plenty of both anecdotal and scientific research which supports its effectiveness which is why it is considered as a performance booster.

Safety of CBD with horses

While CBD comes from a cannabis plant, it is not dangerous for horses. It will not cause them to be confused, dizzy, or “high” which are commonly attributed to those who smoke recreational marijuana.

This is because the CBD administered for horses are free from THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a compound found in cannabis and which also has beneficial effects but is also classified as psychoactive. As you may see from its packaging, CBD for pets contain less than 0.3% of THC so that it will be safe for them. Another fun thing is that many of the sources that contain CBD actually aren’t hemp or marijuana related. In fact there are a lot of plants we interact with everyday that have lots of these benefits but aren’t hemp. A unique example is black pepper… who knew!

What to look for in a CBD horse treat?

There are many CBD companies nowadays because of the high demand for it. In fact, by the end of 2021, its total sales are expected to exceed a billion dollars. This is among a lot of positive reviews, the benefits of using it, and its safety.

Before purchasing a CBD horse treat, we recommend you look at certain factors first.

Reputable providers

There are many companies which provide CBD. However, it is currently not regulated which means that companies have their unique blends. The difference between these is not that high, otherwise, some would be dangerous for horses. Still, it is best to have a company that you can fully trust and purchase from regularly.

We recommend looking for companies who prioritize research above all. Through this, their products can be continuously innovated to give the health benefits for your horses.

High quality of ingredients

The ingredients determine the effectiveness of the horse treat. Because of this, you should look for those that are made with human grade ingredients, are free from insecticides, and are lab certified. Through these, your horse’s health is ensured to improve.


CBD treats for horses can greatly help in improving their health by reducing their sensitivity to pain, decreasing their anxiety, and more. It is infused with a natural aroma and flavor that makes it delicious for horses. It is safe for them and is recommended by many owners.

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