Updated Furbabies Equine Care Calm Full Review 2022

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Introduction to Furbabies Equine Care Calm Review

While many know that hemp is effective for us humans, did you know that it can also be used for horses? After all, we have similarities in terms of body makeup. If you want to get the benefits of the plant and reside in Canada, we recommend you check out Furbabies. In this article, we review their Equine Care Calm.

While we already did a review of Furbabies Equine Care Calm already. But based on feedback we wanted to do an update as it was our best reviewed product. Based on some feedback users have said that it is just the best option out there.

Who is Furbabies?

Furbabes is based in Vancouver, Canada. They offer a wide variety of hemp products for pets including oils, salves, and treats. They are known for dedicating research for the formulation of their product which increases these products’ quality and effectiveness.

Furbabies Equine Care Calm

Their dedicated product for horses is the Furbabies Equine Care. It has two variations: one for calming and one for pain relief.

The Equine Care Pain has a special blend that aims to make horses more relaxed and more in-control of their emotions. This is also a great way to improve their sleep and make them more responsive to your commands.

Furbabies Ingredients

The blend is made from the following:

  • MCT oil – MCT oil is a form of coconut oil which has undergone fractionation. Through this, the blend becomes easier to digest for animals. It has medium-chain triglyceride contents which are quickly absorbed by the bloodstream. Because horses have sensitive digestive systems, this is a preferable oil carrier.
  • Full spectrum hemp oil – Hemp is known for greatly improving the health of horses because it boosts the function of the endocannabinoid system. Through this, receptors in the spine, heart, brain, and more will be interacted with to give health benefits for the horse.
  • Hemp terpenes – These are the contents of the hemp plant that work similarly to essential oils. This brings various benefits for the body such as reducing inflammations, improving healing, and boosting the immune system. Aside from hemp, this is also found in various plants such as pine trees, tomatoes, and carrots.
  • Cannabimimetic plants – Aside from hemp, Furbabies also incorporate various plants to improve the health benefits of the blend. This includes Echinacea, black pepper, and rosemary. Given that horses are herbivores, a wide variety of plants will greatly help in broadening the nutrients that they receive.

Furbabies provides certifications which prove the high-quality of growing and manufacturing of these. These are free from insecticides and GMO.

Furbabies Packaging

Furbabies has simple packaging style that has the important information can be easily seen. Here, we easily saw the ingredients, instructions on how to use it, and its measurements. It comes in a 50 mL bottle which has 1500 mg of hemp.

It comes with a dropper that functions both for measuring the dose and as for dropping the contents on the horses’ mouth. If possible, we advise you to drop it under their tongue for it to easily reach their sublingual gland. Through this, the blend will work faster as it quickly reaches their bloodstream.

Furbabies Effectiveness

It is easy to tell if horses have illnesses especially if they are used for farm work and horseback riding. They may become less receptive to commands, slower in speed, and easily tired.

As soon as you use the product you can see the benefits pretty quickly. First, they become less anxious and start to panic less. This can be seen with them having less reactions to being exposed to uncontrollable loud noises and lights.

This then results in better performance as they become clear headed. This also results in better sleep cycles.

Other effects include improved digestion, better coat and mane quality, and treatment of sores in their body.

Furbabies Customer Reviews

Many are praising the product’s effectiveness based on the reviews on their website. One said that their horse, who was naturally skittish, became more willing to approach owners and be used for riding. One also said that it made their horses less anxious.

Many also praised the company for being responsive to their inquiries regarding the blend’s content, its dosage, and inquiries about delivery.

Conclusion to Furbabies Equine Care Calm Review

We highly recommend Furbabies’ Equine Care Calm because of its effectiveness in treating the symptoms of anxiety in horses. This is possible with their use of high-quality ingredients that are backed by their years of research. It is unique as it incorporates various plants to further boost its health-boosting effects.

In case your horse is suffering from pain, we also recommend you check out Fur Babies’ Equine Care for Pain.

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