Pros and Cons of CBD for horses  

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Introduction to Pros and Cons of CBD for horses

CBD is still relatively new in the health supplement market for horses. Because of this, many are still not convinced about whether their horse should receive it or not. After all, we want to ensure that our equine companions are receiving the best products to enhance their performance and improve their health.

Here, we go through the main advantages and disadvantages of CBD taking into consideration the buyer’s budget, the horses’ needs, and what experts are saying about the topic.

PROS of using CBD for horses

1. Effective in boosting equine health

There are many supplements that exist in the market which claim to make your horse healthier but only a few actually work. CBD definitely belongs to those that do as proven by countless customer reviews and scientific evidence. We have gone over , in depth, the different benefits horses can get from using CBD but here is a quick breakdown of the major things.

One of its main benefits is in treating anxiety in horses. As we know, some of them are naturally skittish and anxious, especially in they are bored, have uncomfortable housing conditions, and a noisy environment. This can greatly affect their performance as they can lose sleep, become less responsive, and even eat less.

CBD has been observed by many to transform anxious horses into calm ones when given CBD. They become less restless which allows them to have more regular sleep cycles. They also become easier to train and instruct which lessens the burdens on their owner.

Another benefit is in reducing pain. Horses feel a lot of chronic pain as a result of gastrointestinal issues, arthritis, laminitis, and other equine-specific conditions. Once this happens, their performance becomes worse and they may become lazier. To directly address this, CBD has been seen to reduce inflammations in their body and lessen their pain sensitivity. Because of this, they become more comfortable and active.

Many ongoing research about CBD is also pointing it to be effective for treating other symptoms felt by horses such as:

GI tract issues


Metabolism and digestive issues


2. Natural and organic

Even though CBD (cannabidiol) sounds like a lab-made compound, it is actually a natural one that can be found in the wild. It comes from the cannabis sativa or hemp plant and is extracted via CO2 extraction. Given that horses are herbivores, having a health supplement made from plants gives it an advantage over others.

Please note that this does not mean every CBD product is natural, organic, or a combo of the two. Just like apples in the store, unless it is marked with these specialized statements do not assume that they apply to the product.

3. Low chance of side effects

Another great advantage of CBD is that horses do not experience side effects from it if it is administered properly. Their performance will not decrease, and instead, it will even become better.

Some may think that because it is gathered from hemp, their horse may become “high” from consuming it. However, you should know that this variety of cannabis contains lower than 0.3% of THC (the compound responsive for psychoactive effects). Because of this, it is completely safe to give to your horse.

As with anything new you introduce to your horse’s diet, it may still cause some minor effects on the first week of giving it. This is because their body will adjust to it. Some effects include sleepiness and lethargy. This is a good sign that the CBD is actually affecting their body. This is also why users are advised to give them a very small dose at first which you then gradually increase as they become more used to the supplement.

4. Comes in a variety of forms

CBD is made to be convenient to use for both you and your horse. It comes in many forms, all of which are effective. This includes CBD oils, CBD treats, CBD pellets, CBD creams, and many more. These contain instructions on how to use it so that first-time users can also be guided. Finally, some of these are also infused with flavors like apple, cinnamon, and honey to make it more appealing for your equine companions


Price of treating horses with cbd

One of the common complaints about the health supplement is that it is a bit expensive. Most horse CBDs start at the price of $50 and above for about a month of regular use. Because of this, some may be discouraged to try it.

However, we can confidently say that the price is definitely worth its benefits. This is especially if your horse is currently experiencing the symptoms of arthritis, anxiety, and similar diseases. There is also a high level of quality dedicated to researching, extracting, and creating the blend for CBD which is why its pricing is justified.

The good news is that experts are predicting that once more CBD products become available in the market, the pricing for it will go lower. And , if you compare what it might cost for CBD oil versus other types of medicine you might be surprised to find out you might save money!

Conclusion to Pros and Cons of CBD for horses

CBD is highly recommendable as we can see from all this. If you have the budget for it and want to help your horse in achieving peak performance, CBD is the way to go. If you want to start your horse’s CBD journey, we advise reading more about which CBD form and blend will be the best specifically for your equine companion. Through this, you can watch them transform into the healthy and majestic creature that they can be.

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