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Introduction to medicated oils

If you have a horse, and are encountering some issues that might be helped with CBD oils then you have come to the right place! This is to say that not all the oils come from Hemp. As there are other ways to get medicated oils. As Canadians we know that it might be hard to find out who has the best products. So we have done some testing and comparisons for ourselves.


CBDpet.ca offers a nice solution for horses that include additional benefits due to their additives. They include burdock root and liquorice root to help reduce inflammation. While we did notice they are using nano encapsulation to distribute the CBD to the horses. It is a bit pricier when compared to our other two options. This could be due to the tech needed to make the cbd nano sized, and there appears to be a benefit of needing less. However, at around $180 for 500mgs it does come in at almost triple the effective per mg price when compared to our other choices. This is not to say that they aren’t good. Just that it can be pricier if your horse doesn’t respond to this delivery method.

#2 Rivas Remedies

Overall this was a great blend as it contained a nice full spectrum blend. As mentioned in other posts we prefer this over isolates because in our experience we have found that having the full spectrum provided a better relief of the issues. This is not to say that if you have an isolate of exactly what you need it wouldn’t work. However, with how hard it can be to really identify what is going on in our big pets bodies it can be hard to get great results in isolates.

As we don’t want to talk badly about others’ products, the main points that put this product in the third spot is that it is somewhat pricey. While it is hard to put a price on a happy horse; we also must think of the long term costs. At around $250 for a month of use it can add up quickly. We all know that owning a horse isn’t cheap. However, there might be other options that help you stretch your money a bit further.

#1 Furbabies Equine Care – Pain

While it is hard to compare apples to apples due to blends we have seen the most success with Furbabies. This is why we have them as the best horse product for pain relief in Canada. They have a slightly lower price point compared to Rivas , at $125 per 1,500 mg vs $125 per 1200mg. As we mention in other posts, it isn’t always about the mg’s on the bottle but what it does in our horses bodies. And this is bringing up the second aspect of why we love FurBabies so much.

With their expertise in mixing and addressing the needs of horses we find that their product just works better. This means that you use less oil with less required per dose. So not only do you get more mg per ml, but you need to use less ml. This is because their expert team has blended their mix of Natural cannabimimetic and hemp terpenes, which just seem to be magical! We have sung their praises in other posts, but just wanted to explain why we love their products so much. In our experience with this company we have never been let down, which is why we have them as our top pick.


At the end of the day finding the right product for you and your horse is the priority. Every product on this list has the possibility of being the best one for your situation. We just go on what we have seen, and our experience with the different manufacturers. We look at the balance between money and milligrams, as well as what others have stated about the products. If one product works for you then that is great, and if you have any input onto our list please let us know in the comments! We hope that all horses can live as pain free and stress free as possible.

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