Natural health remedies for horses

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Introduction to natural health remedies for horses

Horses are strong animals that will do all the work that you give to them. And yet they are also prideful creatures that will not show their weakness unless you pay close attention to them. So you need to look after them properly and be vigilant to spot any kinds of ailments.

The first thing that you probably do whenever something wrong happens to your horse is to talk to your vet. And they will most likely prescribe some medicines for your horses. And those medicines will likely have some unwanted side effects as well. 

But that is not the only solution for your horse. There are alternative treatments out there that can offer the same benefits for your horse without the side effects. One of them is called natural health remedies. This article will tell you all you need to know about them.

What makes something a natural health remedy for horses?

When you search online for horse supplements or medicines, you will be bombarded with so many different options. So how to know whether a product is a natural health remedy or not? Well, the most obvious one will be the seller mentioning it in the name of the products. But that in itself is not a guarantee. There are several things that you can look for to find genuine natural health remedies. 

The first thing is the ingredients. As the name suggests, a natural health remedy only uses organic materials. They are usually based on plants and there’s little to no added chemicals mixed in with the products. If you look at a product’s list of ingredients and see so many chemicals there, then it’s not a natural remedy.

The next thing that you can use to decide if something is a natural remedy is through its benefits. You see, prescribed medicines were created to tackle a specific illness. Natural remedy, on the other hand, often has multiple benefits for your horses. The reason is because they are often made from multiple plants. Even if the remedy focuses more on a single ingredient, it can still have numerous benefits. That is just the nature of organic plants.

Why should you use natural health remedies for horses?

  • Possibly less side effects. The first and foremost reason why you should use natural remedy is obviously due to its lack of side effects. With natural remedy, your horses will only get the benefits. No matter what kind of natural remedy that you choose, there will be no side effects whatsoever. 
  • Safer and healthier. Every natural remedy is crafted using only organic materials. There is little to no chemicals mixed in at all. That’s why unlike chemically synthesized medicine, the natural remedy is way safer and healthier for your horses.
  • Affordable. More often than not, the price of natural health remedies for horses is more affordable compared to its prescribed counterparts. The reason is once again due to the source material that is procured directly from nature. Some manufacturers even go as far as to only minimally process the product in order to retain its organic quality. And that of course minimizes the cost.
  • Numerous health benefits. As mentioned before, most prescribed medicines are created to deal with certain illnesses. But that is not the case with natural remedies. The plants that are used as the source material offer numerous health benefits. That’s why it can give a much more holistic improvement for your horse.

When is the best time to use natural health remedies?

Although natural health remedies are often a healthier option for your horse, you can’t rely on it for everything. As the old adage says, there is a right time and place for everything. So when is the best time to use natural health remedies? And when is the best time to get prescribed medicines instead?

Natural health remedies are best treated as some kind of a first aid and a supplement for everyday use. They are the one that you should use first whenever you notice something wrong with your horses. And they are the one that you can give to your horse regularly as a way to boost their health. 

But that is not the case if you deem their condition to be serious in the first place. Or if they are simply not improving after you give them natural remedies a couple of times. In that case, you should get the vet immediately and follow their direction closely. You should give the prescribed medicine if your vet thinks it is necessary to heal your horse.

Natural health remedies products for horses

  • CBD oil. CBD is a part of cannabinoid compounds from hemp. Once extracted using a certain method out of the leaves and stalks, the end result is CBD oil. It can help your horse dealing with numerous ailments. Such as anxiety, epilepsy, arthritis, regulating appetite, and several others. 
  • Hemp oil. Just like CBD oil, hemp oil also comes from hemp. But unlike CBD oil, hemp oil comes from the hemp seed. Similar to olive oil, cold pressing the seed will extract all of the oil inside it. Hemp oil can give your horse similar benefits to CBD oil, albeit not as potent. But more often than not, hemp oil contains other essential ingredients that can offer additional benefits to the body. 
  • Chamomile. Chamomile extract is well-known for its impact on the digestive system. It can help your horse deal with bloating, indigestion, and other digestive problems. You can usually find chamomile extract mixed in with other essential substances that you can add to the horse’s foods.
  • Devil’s claw. Devil’s claw is a native herb from Africa. This plant has been found to work great as an anti-inflammatory agent. It works wonders for the muscle and the joints of your horses. Devil’s claw is usually sold in a drinkable liquid. You can give it to them regularly to maintain the health of their muscles and bones. 

A great example of using mother nature to help your horses can be seen in this awesome video:

Final thoughts about natural health remedies for horses

Natural remedies are for minor problems, or any ailments that you think does not warrant a visit to the vet. Because there’s no need to burden your horse with unnecessary side effects if a better alternative is available. Besides, there are natural remedies for almost every minor health issue out there. So you should always go with natural and organic solutions that are safer and healthier for your horses.

But if you think your horses needs further support, then it’s time to get them to the vets. After all, there are chronic illnesses that can’t be treated with natural remedies. So paying close attention to you horse’s condition is the key. But if all you want is simply something to boost their health, then you won’t go wrong with hemp oil.

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