Natural health remedies for horses

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Introduction to natural health remedies for horses

Taking an herbal route for your horse can bring wonders for them. From its relatively low usage before, herbal medicine has been slowly and steadily rising to mainstream popularity because of its various effects.

First, it is based on medicinal traditions that have been around since the time of Greek people. They utilized the different plants which they grew themselves and gave herbs to their horses to treat various symptoms. With herbal supplements for horses, there are less chances of developing side effects as long as you thoroughly inform yourself about how to dose it and which plants treat which symptoms.

Herbal supplements for horses

These are abundant in pet stores, but they can be obtained from your garden. This convenience along with its broad range of benefits, from cosmetics, nutrition, and medicinal, makes it a big hit. One of the key differences from modern medicine is that these tend to be slow acting but very effective. Given that horses have specific diet needs, they surprisingly take herbal supplements without much issue. Here are some different issues that can be helped with mother natures resources

Treating colic

Colic in horses is usually related to discomfort with their digestive system. Once this happens, you will see them whining a lot, pawing the ground, and having difficulty in defecating. These can range from a simple episode to weeks of severe symptoms. Natural remedies can help in removing some of these symptoms to lessen their discomfort.

The herbs we recommend for this help the horses because of its nutritious contents that can stimulate appetite, improve the condition of their digestion, act as laxative, soothe their nerves, lessen their anxiety, and help them sleep. This includes:

· Dandelion

· Valerian root

· Chamomile

· Peppermint

However, we still recommend taking more steps for ensuring that your horse does not have any major underlying issues by taking them to a vet if their problems persist.


Inflammations can be a major source of discomfort for horses. This can be either present in their digestive system or their limbs. This can cause a decrease in their performance level and a decrease in their overall wellbeing.

One of the most recommended herbs for this is the Devil’s Claw which is native to southern Africa. Also called as “hook plant, this is known to be high in harpagoside. Through this, inflammations are reduced, with its effect similar to analgesic drugs given by modern medicine practitioners. The herb has been seen to work quickly. In fact, it is found in many supplements for treating joint pain in humans.

Improving performance

Regardless of whether horses are used for farm work, racing, or horse riding, performance is always a crucial aspect to be monitored. After all, they can receive more exercise if they do something regular every day. For this, the flower named Echinacea is recommended for them. This has been seen to provide different benefits which improve their overall performance. This includes killing bacteria and viruses, lessening pain and discomfort, and improving the condition of their blood.

Overall health boost

One of the trending natural remedies nowadays is CBD or cannabidiol. It comes from the hemp plant is used for various industries like ropemaking. While the plant’s seed has long been used for health supplements, CBD has only been legalized in recent years which is why many are still not familiar with it.

CBD is an endocannabinoid, a compound which can stimulate the endocannabinoid system. The latter is a part of the body of many mammals including horses. This system can boost homeostasis in the body which ensures that various parts such as the kidney, brain, and digestive system are functioning properly.

When CBD is taken in proper levels, it can help in improving the overall health of the horse. Many owners report horses to be more active, receptive to commands, and less afraid after taking this. CBD is seen to be very effective in treating the following symptoms of horses:

·  Reduce seizures – Some horses are born with epilepsy and can have episodes of uncontrollable twitching and seizures when triggered by heat and exhaustion. CBD has been proven by both research and customer testimonies to lessen the occurrence and intensity of this. Through this, they will have more endurance and can be used for more exhausting work.

· Inflammation – CBD has also been seen to reduce inflammations in the gut, joints, and even in their skin. Because of this, regeneration from wounds become quicker, they experience less stomach pain, and can also recover from tiring work faster. This helps in making them more active.

·Reduce chronic pain – CBD can also help in reducing the sensitivity of horses to pain. Because of this, any underlying disorder such as arthritis which causes constant pain with every move will be more manageable for them. This makes CBD recommendable for older horses.

Precautions to be taken when using natural remedies

Just because these are fully natural does not mean that herbal medicine is automatically foolproof when used for horses. These also have side effects when taken improperly. Because of this, be sure to give it in proper doses.

CBD is usually sold through oils, pellets, and pills which come with its own instructions in dosing which makes it easier to give for horses. This also applies for the other herbs if bought as a health supplement. If you are simply growing the latter in your garden, it is best to consult a veterinarian to be advised about proper dosing.

Conclusion to natural health remedies for horse

Going back to the basics for treating symptoms of horses is a good step in ensuring a hassle-free, convenient, and budget-friendly way of treating them. Be sure to check which herbs treat which symptoms to be sure that you are using it properly. We also advise you to check out the appropriate dosing by reading the instructions provided or by consulting with a veterinarian. While we love to talk all about CBD oil and CBD products for horses here we figure that there are some natural remedies that don’t include our favorite topic. So why not share what we found with the world? With all of these things considered, check out which of these is already in your garden to see if it can help your horse!

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