Is THC good for horses?

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Introduction to Is THC good for horses

CBD is a very popular health supplement for horses nowadays. One of the compounds usually attached to its name is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Because of this, we must have knowledge about what this is, where it comes from, and its effects on the health of horses.

What is THC?

THC comes from the same plant where CBD is gathered from which is hemp. Hemp belongs to the same species as the cannabis plant.

Similar to CBD, it also has some beneficial effects such as reducing anxiety and any chronic pain felt.

Side effects of THC

However, one of the key differences of THC from CBD is that it is mainly used for recreational purposes. This is because of its psychoactive properties which gives the feeling of being “high” to whoever consumes this. Because of this, THC is mainly used for humans.

THC has a completely different chemical composition compared to CBD. Because of this, it can have side effects such as:

Dizziness and confusion


Heart arrhythmia

Death ( in extreme cases )

This is why its usage for humans should be well-regulated. For horses, THC is generally avoided. After all, their bodies are known to be more sensitive because they are herbivores which means that they naturally have limited nutritional diversity.

Implications of THC’s side effects

As stated above, CBD comes from the same plant as THC. To ensure that this will be safe for horses, manufacturers are legally required to include less than 0.3% of this in the total content of the blend. Through this, there will be minimal to no side effects at all.

Generally, there are three major forms of CBD for pets depending on the parts of hemp that it uses:

1.      Full spectrum blend -This contains all of the flavonoids, terpenes, and compounds of hemp, including THC. It is the most potent and effective in treating their symptoms. Because of its content, this usually has the strongest smell and taste. To make it safe, its THC content is lower than 0.3%.

2.      Broad spectrum blend – This is similar to the full spectrum blend except that it does not contain THC at all. Because of this, it is less potent but is safer to consume.

3.      CBD isolate blend – This strictly contains only CBD which makes it the safest choice. However, you will need to give higher doses of it for the horse to receive the benefits of CBD.

Why is THC still included in the blend?

With its side effects, you may be wondering why it is still mixed with CBD at all. The answer is because it improves the health benefits of the blend. This is through the “entourage effect” which is a trait of the hemp plant that makes it more effective when its compounds are used together. This is the reason why the full spectrum blend is the most effective. Keep in mind, however, that the 0.3% limit should always be ensured to keep it safe for horses.

How do I make sure that my CBD is safe?

To ensure that your horse will not get its side effects, it is important to follow the dosing instructions provided by the manufacturer. This is best matched with the weight of the horse and the symptom that you are trying to treat.

With a higher body weight and with more intense symptoms felt by the horse comes a higher dose of CBD.

Aside from this, it is best to look for those companies which provide certifications. Through this, you can be sure that a third-party laboratory checked the contents of the blend to see if it is has safe levels of THC.

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Conclusion to Is THC good for horses

THC is included in some CBD horse blends as it makes it more effective through the “entourage effect” which is why some companies still include it. As long as the blend contains less than 0.3% of this, it is completely safe for horses in proper doses. Because of this, we still recommend using full-spectrum CBD blends.

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