Is CBD oil safe for horses?

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Introduction to IS CBD oil safe for horses?

CBD has been very popular lately because it is all-natural and effective for humans. Recently, there have been many companies creating versions for pets including those for horses. As horses experience a lot of health issues and are herbivores, many are wondering: is CBD safe for them?

Is CBD safe for horses?

The simple answer is yes, CBD is safe for horses. Companies follow specific manufacturing processes to make it safe for our equine companions.

First, CBD oils for horses has a THC content lower than 0.3%. Because of this, it cannot cause any psychoactive effects for them. In simpler terms, CBD does not make them “high”.

Next, these are extracted from hemp plants and do not have any meat content which means that their bodies will process it like any food in their natural diet.

However, as with anything, there are side effects that the horses may get if you give them a very high dose.

Side effects of CBD for horses

CBD is mixed with a carrier oil to allow it to be processed properly in their bodies.Ingesting too much of this oil can cause irritations in their stomach. This is because oils are more complex chemically, and as such, requires more effort to break down. This can cause stomach pain and discomfort for horses.

Next, a high dose of CBD can cause a sudden dip in their blood pressure. Similar to humans, they can also have dizziness and confusion from this. They may also become very sleepy and lethargic.

How to avoid the side effects of CBD for horses

These side effects rarely happen and only do if a very high dose is administered. Because of this, the best way to avoid it is to follow the dosing instruction provided by the manufacturer. The latter is very important as there is no one-size-fits-all rule for CBD products. This is because there are variations with each company in terms of exact ingredients, blend of CBD, and its intensity.

To properly follow the instructions, you must first know the exact weight of the horse. Through this, the intensity they need will be properly determined.

You must also know why you are using CBD in the first place. A mild dose is given for horses who will only use it as a general health-boosting supplement. On the other hand, a higher dose is given for those who are suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, and seizures. One other thing to keep in mind is that CBD oil will be absorbed a lot faster than cbd horse treats . It will also be out of their system faster, so if mixing oils and treats keep the timing in mind.

Is it worth it to use CBD for horses?

With the potential side effects, some may be discouraged to use CBD. However, we still recommend using this because its benefits outweigh these potential side effects. Not to mention, these side effects only happen if you give them a very high dose. With proper understanding of the manufacturer’s instructions, you won’t have issues with using CBD.

Conclusion to Is CBD oil safe for horses?

CBD is safe for horses as long as you give them the proper dose. Its side effects are easy to avoid as long as you stick to the instructions of the manufacturer. To make it easier to give, we suggest you to weigh your horse and know their symptoms in advance before buying the CBD oil.

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