How to use CBD to calm a horse

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Introduction to CBD calming effects on horses

One of the most sought after effects of CBD products is its calming effects. You can even say that it is CBD’s signature effect. This is the one thing that makes CBD stand out among the rest. And the great thing about it is the fact that it works on both humans and animals. 

CBD has been used to treat people who suffer from severe anxiety. And it can be used to treat anxious pets as well. Countless dogs and cats owners have tried CBD on their fur babies and have nothing but praise for it. No matter what kind of dogs and cats it is, CBD will be able to calm them down. 

But what about larger animals like horses? Can CBD that usually works on smaller animals like cats and dogs be able to calm a horse? This article will tell you the answer to those questions. And you’ll also find out other important things that you need to know about CBD on horses while at it.

Can CBD products calm a horse?

Yes, CBD can most definitely calm a horse. Whether it’s because they are feeling anxious or due to a sudden panic attack, CBD can be used to calm them down. But that doesn’t mean you can use CBD to do all the work for you. Because there are a few caveats to that statement. 

First of all, you can’t just give CBD to a rampaging horse. You need to calm them down on your own first. Because giving CBD while they are in a state of panic is dangerous for you and for them. Once they manage to stay put and not move around too much, that’s the time to give CBD to them. 

Second of all, each horse needs a different CBD treatment depending on their physiology and state of mind. A small dose of CBD may be fine for an aging horse. But if you want to calm a young stallion, then you might need to tinker with the CBD treatment. Every horse has different needs, so be sure to properly take that into a consideration. 

How do CBD products calm a horse?

CBD works through its contact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that exists inside both humans and animal’s bodies. ECS and its CB1 and CB2 receptors is a neural network that is responsible for various parts of our body. CBD binds itself to the CB1 and CB2 receptors and therefore gains temporal influence over the nervous system. 

Currently, scientists have no clear explanation as to why CBD can reduce anxiety. But many link it to the level of serotonin in our body. Serotonin is one of the neurotransmitters that is responsible for our mental health. A decrease in serotonin level can cause anxiety and depression. 

CBD is thought to be able to alter the serotonin signal through its connection with CB1 receptors. So if you or your horse is experiencing anxiety due to a drop of serotonin, CBD can increase it. And that is why CBD can reduce anxiety and calm your horse down.

What are the best CBD products to calm a horse?

There are numerous CBD-based products that you can easily get in the market right now. Each is suitable for certain purposes. There’s CBD salves if you want to treat pulled muscle and other kinds of muscle and joint pain. There’s CBD pellets if you want to stimulate their digestive system and improve their overall health. 

But if you want to tackle their anxiety and calm them down, then CBD paste is the way to go. For dogs and cats, CBD oil is a great option, but that is not the case for horses. Because CBD oil is often administered through a glass dropper into their mouth. With horses, there’s a chance that this little dropper can break in their mouth. So CBD paste that you can rub directly beneath their tongue is a better option.

So why is CBD paste a great option for dealing with anxiety? The answer is reaction time. Among other CBD products for horses, CBD paste is the fastest one to take effect on the brain. Because unlike other oral CBD, such as CBD pellets, it doesn’t have to go through the whole digestive system first. 

How to give CBD to a horse?

As mentioned above, for the purpose of reducing anxiety, the best CBD product for a horse is the CBD paste. But other than the kind of CBD, how you give CBD to your horse can also affect the result. So what you should pay attention to is how much CBD and how often you should give it.

For more accurate information about this, it is highly recommended that you talk to your trusted vets. Because they are the one who have the best information and the knowledge about your horse’s physiology. So they will be able to give you the best guideline regarding the use of CBD on your horse.

If you somehow don’t have access to a proper vet, then your best option is to start slow. Just give a small amount of CBD to your horse once a day for a week or so. If you don’t see any difference, then begin to increase the amount and the frequency little by little. Stop as soon as you notice a positive result.

Conclusion to CBD calming effects on horses

CBD can certainly help reduce anxiety on your horse and help calming them down. It can do so due to its effects on the serotonin level through the CB1 receptors. But for the purpose of calming down a horse, the best CBD product for them is CBD paste. 

The reason is simply because it is the fastest working CBD product for horses. But there are other things that you should pay attention to other than the kind of CBD. We do a lot of tests on products so if you are looking for the best cbd products for horses in Canada please check out our list! And that is the amount of CBD per serving and the frequency of you giving it to them. For more accurate information about this, you should consult your trusted vets. Or at the very least, you should always start small with the CBD.

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