How to calm an anxious horse with cbd products

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Introduction to how do you calm an anxious horse

Horses easily become anxious with things they encounter every day. The most common causes for this are separation from their owner or the pressure for performance. Although there are various tried and tested methods for this, we recommend using CBD the most. Here, we guide you in how to observe their anxiety, its usual causes, and the use of CBD for treating this.

What causes a horse to become anxious?

We recommend keeping in mind some major factors that affect many horses. First, remember that they are easy prey in the wild. This is because they are herbivores and are usually part of herds. This makes them easily scared of predators in the wild, a mindset that is still hardwired into their system today.

Being part of the herd makes them feel safe, and without their companions, they can easily become scared. Because of this, they may feel anxious whenever other horses and their owner leaves them behind.

Finally, their environment can also greatly influence their behavior. They are born to run around in the wilds and to use their natural agility and speed to wander. Because of this, they may become anxious after being cooped up the whole day. This may become worse if there are many noises near the stables.

You will know that something is causing anxiety for them by looking for symptoms of trembling, rearing, bolting, and weaving whenever they see, hear, or come in contact with it.

Treating anxiety in horses

The most common way of treating this is by establishing a routine for them to follow every day which helps them build confidence that their surroundings are safe. A good routine incorporates a healthy amount of exercise for them.

We also recommend giving them adequate space in their stable as they will spend a lot of their time there. This is to help them become more comfortable. It should have space for them to move around and to lie down.

Methods like the ones we mentioned can greatly help horses, but to make it more effective, we also recommend giving CBD to calm an anxious horse. This stands for cannabidiol, and it is a compound found in the hemp plant.

This compound has been supported both by research and by satisfied owners to be effective in calming horses. Horses who regularly receive CBD have also been seen to be less aggressive, more receptive to commands, and more focused on their tasks.

How can you get the benefits of CBD for your anxious horse?

CBD can be given in various ways depending on which is most convenient for you. The most popular one is through oil. This can be measured and given to their mouth via a dropper. This is preferred by many as you can adjust the dose accurately through this method.

You can also give CBD through pellets that are infused with CBD. This form makes it chewier and more comfortable to eat for horses who are already used to eating pellets. This form may also be easier to eat for anxious horses who may not be fond of having a dropper in their mouth.

Other forms of CBD for horses include salves, tinctures, and treats.


Anxiety in horses is very common and because of this, we must do our best to observe what causes it for them. Aside from the usual methods of establishing a routine and giving them plenty of exercise, we also advise using CBD. Be sure to look for CBD that are specifically made for treating anxiety in horses to make it more effective for treating this specific issue.

While CBD has been hailed as a cure all it is always important to remember that each horse and situation is different. If you want to go the natural route we suggest trying to add CBD to your horses life. This, coupled with the above mentioned methods might allow you to calm your horse down. If not, it is always good to see if what you and your vet can figure out. An anxious horse generally isn’t a happy one, and this not usually do to anyones fault. Small changes to routines, food, and activities can greatly increase their state and in turn make everyones life better.

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