How much CBD is needed for horses to get benefits?

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Introduction to how much CBD do horses need to get the benefits of CBD

There has been a rising demand for CBD oil to be used for horses, and for good reason. After all, it is proven by scientists and customers alike to be beneficial for lessening digestive issues, inflammations, and anxiety in horses. To ensure that they will not experience side effects from CBD, it is best to inform ourselves about how to dose it properly which we will guide you with.

How to dose CBD for horses properly

We must follow a proper dose when giving CBD for horses. What makes this hard is the fact that there are a lot of variations of it that exist in the market. This depends upon which parts of the hemp plant are utilized, the presence of additional ingredients, and the specific health issue which it is made to treat.

Unfortunately, without a specific brand, we cannot recommend a one-size-fits-all dosing guide because of the earlier-stated variations. What we can help you with, however, is by informing you about some general knowledge that you must have to properly measure the dose for your horse. You can then match this with the recommended dose provided by the manufacturer.

Measurements of CBD to remember

In general, there are two measurements: the mL or milliliter and the mg or milligrams.

The written milliliter content gives you an idea on how long a bottle will last when used daily. Most companies provide 50 to 100mL which is good for at least a month or more if you administer 2-3 liters per day.

The mg or milligram content, on the other hand, tells you about the potency of the product. You should read this measurement when buying CBD as this is used for adjusting the dose. When mg is written in the hundreds or thousands, it refers to the total content (such as 600 or 1500mg). When it is written in the tenths (such as 30 or 50 mg), it is referring to the mg per liter content.

Weight base dosage amounts of CBD for horses

To know the best CBD dose, you should also consider the weight of the horse. You must get an accurate number of their weight in kilograms or pounds.

After this, you can then compare it with the recommended dose of the product. For non-diluted ones, an average range we see is within 0.25 – 1 mg per kilogram of their weight. Diluted blends may need a higher dose.

While horses are bigger than dogs, recent research indicates that they may be more sensitive to CBD. This is because they are herbivores which means that they have a specialized diet. This means that their ratio of mg to weight is smaller compared to dogs.

Issues CBD can help horses with

One of the best aspects of CBD is that it is generally good for horses’ health. This compound can be used both as a supplement for keeping their health or for lessening any symptoms of specific illnesses that they have. The following are the symptoms that can be lessened with CBD listed in terms of severity:

  • Sleep issues
  • Skin sores
  • Inflammation of bones and joints
  • Bowel and digestion issues
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures

It is important to know as :

1) it tells you how intense of a dose you will need and

2) observing how the symptoms have lessened can tell you if your dosing is correct.

Some companies also create special blends depending on the symptom. Some are labeled specifically as “for Pain” and “for Anxiety”. These companies usually change the mg content and include ingredients depending on the symptom.

Observing the positive effects of CBD

Once you know the weight of the horse, have determined the dose of the product, and know which symptom you are trying to treat, you should then match it with the instructions of the manufacturer.

For the horses’ body to adjust to CBD properly, we recommend starting with a very low dose at first. We recommend starting with 5 mg or even less. Gradually increase it every 3 days until you’ve reached the recommended dose. Constantly observe their behavior to see any changes in their activity level and in their symptoms.

Conclusion to how much CBD horses need to get the benefits of CBD

We recommend you consider the horses’ weight, the symptom you are trying to treat, the blend of the product, and the instructions provided to know the exact dose you will give them. Horses have sensitive bodies which is why investing your time in understanding how to dose it properly is very important. To receive more brand-specific instructions, it is also best to contact the manufacturer directly. In case your horse is also under any medications, consult your veterinarian first.

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