How CBD helps for IR horses

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Introduction to how CBD helps for insulin-resistant horses

CBD is all the craze for many horse owners, and it is not hard to see why. After all, this supplement is very effective and versatile in treating various illnesses felt by horses. Among the many benefits of cbd is treating insulin resistance in horses which is known to greatly affect their health in many ways. If your horse suffers from this and you want to try a new and natural way of treating it, read more about how CBD can be used.

What is insulin resistance in horses?

Also known as EMS or Equine Metabolic Syndrome, this condition results in a harder time for the body to respond to insulin. Insulin is known by many as the primary hormone primarily affected with diabetes which many humans also have. This hormone plays a big part in the synthesizing of nutrients and storage of energy which is why it is so vital for health.

Research about this disease is still in its early stages which is why its exact cause is unknown. However, many have observed it to be present in horses with Cushing’s disease, old age, and those who come from specific breeds. Some also point it to horses with limited diet that revolves around simple starches.

Is CBD safe for horses?

CBD is a form of cannabinoid which comes from the hemp plant. Although the latter is a form of cannabis, it does not have psychoactive effects which means that horses do not become “high” from this.

Horses have an endocannabinoid system or ECS which ensures that there will be no unstable processes in their body. CBD, along with other cannabinoids, can activate this system to help it run smoother. Horses get many benefits when this happens such as decreased pain sensitivity, less body inflammations, and reduced anxiety.

One of its best benefits is in reducing the symptoms of insulin resistance. While it is not directly a treatment for it, it has been seen to decrease the occurrence of excessive abdominal fat, discomfort, and laminitis. CBD’s boost to the ECS also allows the horse to have better sleep quality, better digestion, and more energy which allows their overall health to improve.

Different forms of CBD for horses

To help in reducing the symptoms of insulin resistance in horses, it is best to make it a regular part of their diet. This is made easier by horse CBD companies because of the different forms they made it available in. There are CBD oils, treats, and pellets for horses which have the same level of effectiveness if it is administered well.

With CBD oil, you can accurately measure the dose you give to your horse because it comes with a measuring dropper. This is then placed under their tongue or consumed orally.

CBD cookies and pellets for horses are mixed with a chewable substance that is flavored to make it more delicious for your horse. Because of this, it is easy to give them, and they might even find eating it an exciting part of their daily schedule.

Conclusion to how CBD helps for insulin-resistant horses

Insulin resistance in horses can cause a progressive decrease in the quality of their life. Because of this, we must do our best to lessen its symptoms. One of the best ways to do so is by using CBD which is safe and effective for our equine companions. If you’ve decided to use it, be sure to read more about which blend, brand, and ingredients you will use to ensure that your horse will get all of its benefits.

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