How can CBD boost your horses’ health?

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If you have a horse you know about the importance of keeping their health up, as well as dealing with issues before they become huge problems. A horse is a well oiled machine when things are going right, but when one small thing gets out of place, that machine can come to a loud ( sometimes expensive ) screeching halt. We will go over a couple of things that CBD can do for your horse, so even if you don’t need it now you will know what issues it can be used for.

Introduction to the benefits of cbd use with horses.

CBD is one of the best-selling products nowadays. This is mainly because of its health benefits along with very positive reviews from health blogs and famous personalities. It is safe and is used by humans, dogs, cats, and more animals. CBD can also be given for horses and can be used to help out with a lot of issues. As a horse is a lot bigger than a cat, dog, and human you can see how getting the right amount of beneficial ingredients into their bodies might be a little hard. However, there are ways that is easy to administer, and beneficial for you and your pet.

First things first, what do we mean when we say CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. The reason why it has only recently received its popularity is because of the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized its use. Because of this, it is found in various forms like pet treats, tinctures, and oil droppers.

CBD has been discovered since 1940 and is found in the cannabis hemp plant. It is important to know that it is not marijuana. While it can be found in plants that have THC you don’t need to worry as it is safe for pets because it is separated from the compounds (such as THC which can be potentially toxic to horses). Under the mentioned bill, those sold for public use should have less than 0.3% of this compound which makes CBD for horses very safe. An interesting thing to keep in mind is that although hemp is often thought of when speaking of CBD there are also many other plants that can produce benefits similar to the ingredients in hemp. This is what we call CBM oil.

What happens to a horse when you give them CBD or CBM oils?

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body. The latter, also called ECS, interacts with the nervous and immune system of horses. CBD can be used to enhance its effects. Because of this, it has been seen to be effective for fighting against inflammation both in their joints and for their gastrointestinal system. It has also been seen to promote better sleep cycles and appetite.

Another great benefit of CBD is relieving anxiety. Horses are known to be very anxious when near bright lights and loud noises. CBD can help regulate their emotions better.

Lastly, it also has been seen to lessen their chances of getting neurodegenerative disorders and cancer in the future.

The best part is that CBD has no side effects as long as it is given in proper dosages. It is not like marijuana and other harmful compounds such as THC which is why it can be used for pets. Everything in moderation and within the suggested amounts and you shouldn’t encounter any issues with your pet.

Usually, its effects kick in within the first hour of administering it. It is advised to be given in small doses at first . After this you can increase later if you do not see effects. Through this, your horse’s body can be familiar with it first and you can gauge their reaction to it. There are not generally any adverse reactions, but like all living things it is always best to stay on the side of safety and start with a low dose, then work your way up to higher doses until you find either the right amount or you hit the suggested limit of the product maker.

How do you give CBD to a horse?

CBD is given to horses through an oil dropper that is given orally. The number of drops that will be given depends on their weight and age. A full guide of the product’s appropriate dosage is written in its packaging.

We have seen instances where oil is put onto a treat and then fed to a horse. This seems to be the easiest way to get it into their system. Many times you can find an oil that has either very little flavor or an additive to make it more appealing to them. One thing to watch out for is that there are instances where the flavorings can cause reactions. If you want to stay on the safe side see if you can get them to take the unflavored ones first.

Can I use it in competitions?

While CBD oils can help with a lot of issues there is a downside. This is that in some competitions its use is restricted. If you are entering a competition we suggest checking their rules about its use. It is interesting, because generally things are banned because they give an advantage. I guess you can look at this and say that competitions know about the benefits. So if you are entering anything for show, we strongly advise you find out their stance regarding CBD.

Final thoughts on CBD/M oils with horses.

CBD boosts the horse’s health by relieving them of anxiety, chronic pain, inflammations, and boosting their immune system. It can also protect them from neurodegenerative disorders and cancer. It can be given through an oil dropper. Overall, when looking at any type of supplement you should weigh the possible positive outcomes versus the negatives. Many times if an animal is in pain or having issues an owner will be willing to try anything. No one wants to see their pets in pain, that is the truth of all pet owners. There are times that this type of oil can really restore a quality of life to our four legged friends.

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