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Introduction to CBD products for horses

People used to think that CBD is a compound that could only affect humans. But since it has been proven that CBD does work on animals as well, things started to change. Manufacturers began to develop CBD-based products for animals, particularly pets. 

When it comes to pets, dogs and cats are the favorites for millions of people across the world. Therefore, most CBD products that were made also focus heavily on dogs and cats. But what about big animals like horses? 

CBD can work fine on most animals, particularly mammals. So it would certainly work on horses. But are there CBD products or horses out there? And if there is, what kind of CBD products are available for them? This article will answer all of these questions for you. 

What are CBD products available for horses

There are quite a few CBD products available on horses right now. You can find brands that offer some unique CBD products for horses. But generally speaking, these are the products that you can find on most CBD for pets. 

CBD oil for horses

  • CBD oil for horses is pretty much the same for CBD oil for dogs and cats. And if you buy it from the same brands, the ingredients for both animals should also be the same. The difference lies in the dose. Bigger animals like horses need a higher dose of CBD oil per serving compared to cats and dogs. That’s why most CBD oils for horses are sold in big 1500mg bottles and the like. 

CBD paste for horses 

  • CBD oil often comes with a glass dropper. If you’re worried your horse will move when you give the oil and break the glass, CBD paste is the one for you. CBD paste is just CBD oil but in the form of a paste. To use it, just take an ample amount of the paste and directly rub it under their tongue.

CBD pellets for horses 

  • CBD pellets for horses are similar to CBD foods for dogs and cats. Both of them are a full-meal replacement that already has CBD mixed in. CBD pellets enable your horse to reap the benefits of CBD and enjoy a tasty lunch at the same time. But since it needs to pass through the digestive system first, the effects will take hours to kick in.

CBD treats for horses

  • Similar to CBD pellets, CBD treats combine a fulfilling food with the health benefits of CBD. But if CBD pellets are a full-meal, CBD treats are just a snack for your horses. A high-quality CBD treat should have a great level of nutrients as well and a dense level of CBD. 

CBD salves for horses 

  • Last but not least is CBD salves, also known as CBD cream. Unlike all of the previous ones, CBD salves can only be used topically. After all, this was made to deal specifically for joints and muscle problems. So if your horse is suffering from arthritis or pulled muscles, use CBD salves.

Different types of CBD products for horses

Other than different kinds of CBD products, there is another aspect of CBD that you need to be aware of. It’s called potency. Certain CBD will give a stronger effect than the rest. But do keep in mind that stronger doesn’t equal better. You should pick a type of CBD based on what your horse needs. And these are the options:

Full spectrum CBD for horses

  • Other than CBD, a hemp has all sorts of cannabinoids inside, such as THC and other minor cannabinoids. As the name suggests, full spectrum CBD contains every cannabinoid that you often find in a hemp. The result is a CBD product that can offer very potent effects for your horses. 

Broad spectrum CBD for horses

  • THC has its uses, but for the most part, you should avoid using it on your horses. Because too much THC is bad for your horse. A CBD product that has CBD and other cannabinoids inside but without THC is called broad spectrum CBD. It may be weaker than full spectrum CBD, but it is also much safer than a full spectrum. That’s why this one is perfect for everyday use. 

Isolate CBD for horses 

  • Lastly  then there’s a CBD product that only has CBD in it without any other cannabinoids. This pure CBD product is called Isolate CBD. Since the CBD has to work alone, it is no wonder this one becomes the weakest of the three. But in actuality, this is the CBD that you should get if you have a sensitive horse. The effect might be weaker, but it is also much more gentle on the body.

How to pick the best CBD products for horses

At this point, you should have a clearer idea of what is the right CBD product for your horse. Now it’s time to talk about the things that you need to pay attention to before buying a CBD product. If you find a red flag in any of these things, then you should look into other options.

  • Look at the list of ingredients. Most CBD brands put some additional ingredients to blend with their CBD. This is done in order to enhance the effect of the CBD even further. You should look into the list of the ingredients within the products. Only get something that you absolutely need. Because too many ingredients will only dilute the CBD.
  • Look for additional information about the product. Other than the ingredients, you should also look for information such as where the hemp comes from. Things like the extraction method are also important. If you have a hard time finding this information, then you should look into other brands. 
  • Check the brand reputation. There are several ways you can go about checking brand reputation. The easiest one is by looking for reviews from reputable third party sources. Another good sign is if the brand is mentioned by an influential figure in the industry. 
  • Read the customers’ reviews. Customer’s reviews and testimonies are a great way to grasp the overall response from those who have used the product. What they like about it, what they hate about it, all of these things are important to know. 

Conclusion to CBD products for horses

As the most popular pets in the world, cats and dogs enjoy the biggest amount of options for CBD products. But that doesn’t mean there’s no CBD products for horses out there. On the contrary, you can easily find a decent selection of products for your horse in the market.

There are different kinds of CBD products and each of them has a different level of potency that you can choose. You should look closely into the tips and tricks of choosing a good CBD product above. Because if you do, you’ll be able to find the best CBD products for horses easily. If you are looking for our personal favorites as far as the best CBD products for horses in Canada, make sure you check out our full list

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