Horse cookies with cbd oil

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Introduction to CBD cookies for horses

Along with cats and dogs, another domesticated animal that has been the focus of CBD manufacturers is horses. Numerous new products based on CBD are being developed in order to fulfill the unique needs of horses.

The reason is because you can’t use the same CBD delivery method with horses, as you do with cats and dogs. Not only due to the obvious and vast difference in size, but their behaviour and physiology are also very different to other animals. Therefore, a unique delivery method is needed.

The good news is there is indeed an effective way to give CBD to your horses. This article will focus on that topic while also talking about other related things that you need to know before you decide to buy CBDs for your horses.

What you should know before you give CBD oil to your horses?

There are three most important things that you should know about CBD before you give it to your horses. The first one is about the type of the CBD. There are three kinds of CBD with varying degrees of potency and results when used. But for general use, it is recommended to only use the second one, which is broad spectrum CBD for horses, because it provides a great balance between safety and potency.

The second thing that you should know is regarding transparency. There’s lots of information that you should know before you buy CBD from any particular brands, such as where the CBD comes from, what the extraction method is, etc. Those things are important in judging the overall quality of the CBD. A good seller will provide that information for you. If they don’t, look somewhere else.

Last but not least is about dosage. Consistency is important when it comes to CBD. That means how much you give the CBD for each serving and how often you give it to your horse matters a lot to the overall effectiveness of the CBD. For an accurate projection on this kind of information, you should talk to your trusted vet.

What is the best way to give CBD oil to your horses?

Normally, the way to give CBD oil is relatively the same whether a human or an animal uses it. Use the dropper to get the oil from the bottle, and then let out several drops inside the mouth. The area below the tongue is a preferable spot. Some people prefer to call the equine cbd treats , so don’t get confused if you are looking specifically for horses but only see this type of explanation on the packaging.

But that creates a problem if you want to use the same method for your horse. First of all, forcing horses to open their mouth long enough so that you could drop the CBD oil into their mouth is a very hard thing to do. Not only that, they also need to stay steady during the process, and that makes everything even harder.

The second problem is regarding the nature of the dropper. It is usually made out of glass. Since it is nearly impossible for a horse to stay still when you drop CBD oil into their mouth, there’s a risk that their movement could break the glass. Those shards of glass could cause all sorts of problems for them.

So a better and more preferable method for most horse owners is by using CBD treats, or CBD cookies for horses. It is by far one of the most effective methods out of them all. And not only that, it is also easier on the horse and on you as the owner. More about it in the next section.

What are the benefits of giving CBD oil through cookies for horses?

The main benefits of CBD cookies is of course its ease of use. Cookies for horses come in various shapes and flavors. You can always find something that your horse will like. What’s more, CBD has no particular taste or smell, therefore, it is a perfect addition to the foods because your horse won’t even notice that it is there.

The second reason as to why you should use CBD cookies is because unlike other forms of CBDs, this one also has various important nutrients inside it other than the CBD and this will also make your horse full. So you get the benefits of CBD, all the nutrients within the cookies, and your horse will no longer be hungry as well. All of this from the same products.

And finally, giving CBD through cookies makes it super easy for you to use the correct dosage of the CBD per servings. After all, every CBD cookie that you could buy in the market has a fixed amount of CBD inside. And if you want, you could also make the cookies yourself and make sure each cookie has the right amount of CBD inside.


CBD oil is certainly great for your horse’s physical and mental health. But the usual method of giving CBD oil, with its dropper, is not only hard to do but it could also be dangerous for your horses. And that’s where CBD cookies for horses come in.

There are numerous benefits that you can get from using cookies as the medium for delivering CBD. It is easier to give CBD to them, your horses will also get to enjoy all the benefits of CBD along with the nutrients from the cookies that would fill their stomach, and it’s easy to dose as well.

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