Homeopathic remedies for horses and CBD  

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Introduction to Homeopathic remedies for horses and CBD

Horses are herbivores, and because of this, their diet is limited to plants. While this makes it easier to feed them, it also increases their chance of developing illnesses brought by a lack of diversity in their diet. Because of this, many horse owners are looking for health supplements that can help treat these. Some of the most popular ones are homeopathic treatments for horses and the use of CBD. We will be discussing the difference between the two, its effectiveness, and whether they are the same.

What are Homeopathic treatment for horses?

Some may already be familiar with homeopathy as this has been around for 200 years already. This unique medicinal philosophy is largely different from modern medicine because of some key details.

First, it believes that illnesses can be cured through the “like cures like” system. As the symptoms of a disease are the way for the body to fight back against it, homeopathy practitioners believe that these should be further boosted to make healing faster. For example, allergies, which cause watery eyes, are treated with the use of red onions. For horses, some popular treatments include arnica for muscle strain, rhus tox for sore muscles, and Ruta for bone bruises. 

Another key factor of homeopathic treatment is that it weakens the ingredients given for the horse. For example, if belladonna is used for treatment, the plant is diluted to about 1/30 of its original potency to make it safe to consume and free from side effects. Homeopathy believes that a lower dose gives a higher effectiveness and that by shaking the mixture, there will be a higher chance for healing. Homeopathic treatments for horse include pellets and tablets.

Finally, homeopathic treatments are all-natural. Usually, there is one plant used which is mixed with alcohol or water. Aside from plants, some also mix natural minerals to the blend. Because of this, horses can consume this without any issues, as long as there are no allergies or dangers related to the ingestion of the plant or substance.

Are homeopathic treatments effective for horses?

Unfortunately, research on homeopathic treatments in general is not promising. After all, the dilution of the blend given to horses lessens the plant content to insignificant levels. By having 1/30 or less of it, it will mostly be water given to the horse.

While there is a lot of anecdotal support for it, many are saying that it is only because of the placebo effect. After all, this treatment advocates for a holistic process which advocates for emotional and mental support too. When horses receive daily affection and care from their owners, their treatment is most likely to be successful too. So , while there might be some homeopathic remedies for horses, it might be better to look down other avenues for resolving issues.

Is CBD a part of homeopathic treatments?

The simple answer is no, CBD is not part of homeopathic treatment. There are major factors that make it very different.

First, these are not made to make the symptoms felt by the horse heightened. Instead, it aims to relieve it which is the opposite of the “like cures like” philosophy. With CBD, horses can immediately feel less pain in their joints and muscles, less anxiety, and less seizures.

Next, CBD is also not diluted. This comes in a normal ratio, and instead of water or alcohol, it is mixed with a carrier oil. This oil can be made from hemp seed, pumpkin, or coconut. Through this, CBD becomes healthier for their heart because of its fatty acid content.

What makes them similar, though, is that CBD is also fully natural. CBD comes from the hemp plant and is not mixed with other chemicals to boost its effects. Because of this, it is very safe for horses.

Is CBD more effective?

If you are currently giving homeopathic treatments for your horse, we do not necessarily discourage you to stop doing so. However, we recommend trying CBD for them as it is proven both scientifically and by satisfied customers to be very effective.

CBD is a natural compound that was found in 1940. Ever since, it has been designed to be used for humans, horses, dogs, cats, and other pets. It is important to note that even if it comes from the hemp plant (which is part of the cannabis family), CBD does not cause your horse to be “high”. This is because it does not have any psychoactive effects.

Instead, it interacts with their endocannabinoid system. Through this, CBD promotes homeostasis in their body. When this happens, their various bodily functions are maintained within normal levels which brings various benefits for them.

What are the benefits of CBD for horses?

One of the primary uses of CBD for horses is reducing inflammation and the pain they get from it. After all, this can greatly affect their performance and make them slower. CBD has been seen to make horses more active as it reduces the symptoms of whining and abnormal posture.

Another benefit of CBD is reducing anxiety in horses. After all, they can get various forms of it as a result of being separate from their owners, being near many people at once, being in unfamiliar places, or even being bored. When this happens, they become more reclusive and inattentive to orders. CBD has been seen to lessen these symptoms and make them more approachable.

Finally, horses who are born with epilepsy and who are triggered by heat and exhaustion can get some relief with CBD. After all, it can lessen the intensity of these attacks and reduce how often it occurs. Through this, they can become more active and less likely to be involved in an accident because of it.

Are CBD and homeopathic treatments effective with each other?

The good news for those who still want to use homeopathic treatment is that it is completely safe to be used alongside CBD products. Both does not have adverse reactions with each other. Because both are completely natural, they may even boost the effects of each.

Does CBD have any side effects?

As said earlier, homeopathic treatments do not have side effects. This is the same for CBD when it is given in normal doses. However, a very high dose may result to some minor effects such as:

  • Dip in the horses’ blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Stomachaches

These are only expected if you go a lot higher than the recommended dose. Most CBD products come with abundant instructions on the packaging, though, to help customers avoid these side effects.

Conclusion to Homeopathic remedies for horses and CBD

As we have said earlier, CBD is not the same with homeopathic treatments because it is made to relieve the symptoms of horses and also because it is not diluted. You can always use both at the same time, but we recommend using CBD more.

If you plan to do so, you may want to check out more about how it is given to horses, what its different blends are, and more to make it more effective for your pet.

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