Homeopathic options for horses

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Introduction to homeopathic remedies for horses

The latest trend in the care and treatment of animals is to provide a more holistic wellness. This approach is not only safer and healthier for your horse, but it is also very sustainable. And to do so, lots of pet owners have begun looking for a more natural and organic solution.  This is why we love the options that have come out recently that have cbd in horse treats and other products.

One of the practices that is talked about right now is homeopathy. This holistic approach to health care has been around for decades and has millions of practitioners around the world. As for the natural remedy, most people choose to go with CBD oil. 

So what is homeopathy? What is CBD oil and what can it do for your horses? This article will explore those questions and tell you all you need to know about them both. Hopefully you’ll be able to decide whether using CBD oil with a homeopathic approach is the right thing for your horse.

What are homeopathic remedies and what does research say about them?

Homeopathy is a health care practice that utilizes the fact that your body has the ability to heal itself. That is why you can have a broken bone and all the surgeon will do is simply align them properly. Your body will reattach those bones by itself. The medicine that you take is only there to fasten the process and help your body do its job.

The approaches that homeopathy uses for health care is by using natural remedies regularly in small doses. This practice is also called micro dosing and it has been widely used in other forms of medication as well. Organic materials, especially plant-based, can offer so many benefits to the body without having any negative side effects at all. 

But while all of those sounds good, what does the research say about homeopathy? Well, there is actually no consensus at all. The result is mixed. Some recommend the use of it while others remain skeptical. But those who have implemented it on themselves and on their pets have nothing but praise for it.

Why are homeopathic remedies good for horses?

We’ve touched on the definition and the practice of homeopathy in the previous section. So now let’s talk about why this approach is good for your horses. Let’s start with two basic components of homeopathy, which is the use of natural remedies and micro dosing. 

Most natural remedies that are available right now, whether homemade or mass produced, are based on plants. But not just any plants, they are made from organic plants that have little to no chemicals mixed in. These plants, such as chamomile or flower essence, have numerous health benefits for your horses. And its organic nature means it is perfectly safe to use and has no negative side effects at all. 

Now let’s move on to micro dosing. The main purpose behind micro dosing is to build strength and resistance on the body. Every natural remedy has its own health benefits and can combat certain ailments. By regularly giving the same natural remedy to a horse, the body can start to adjust to the new compound. Therefore building a resistance to certain ailments. 

What is CBD oil and how does it work on horses?

CBD oil is the end product of an extraction process done on a hemp. CBD (Cannabidiol) itself is one of the cannabinoid compounds within hemp. There are numerous cannabinoids within hemp, but CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are the two major ones. 

So why is CBD the one that is extracted, and not THC? That is because CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that can offer loads of benefits to the user. While THC is a psychoactive compound that can be harmful to the body. That being said, some CBD does have a trace of THC in it to help increase the potency. 

As to how CBD works on the horses, it has to do with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that exists in all of us. ECS is a neurotransmitter that appears all over our body, especially the nervous system. By binding itself to the ECS, CBD gains access to our nervous system and other parts of our body. That is why CBD can exert its effects on our mind and body, albeit only temporarily. 

What benefits can you expect from CBD oil for horses?

  • Reducing anxiety. Since CBD gains access to the nervous system through the ECS, it can alter the level of the serotonin. Serotonin is one of the neurotransmitters that can affect mental health. By altering the level of serotonin, CBD can tremendously reduce the anxiety on your horses. 
  • As a painkiller. Another part of the brain that CBD can influence is pain management. That’s why it can act as a very potent painkiller. CBD can significantly reduce the level of pain that your horses might be feeling. Though it might not be able to heal their illness, it can at least make them more comfortable.
  • Treatment for muscle and joint problems. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammation on the joint often happens to an aging horse and that can cause terrible swelling and pain. CBD can reduce the inflammation along with the swelling and pain. 
  • Regulating appetite. An aging or sick horse may not be able to move as usual. The lack of exercise can cause them to put on more weight than necessary. CBD is found to be able to regulate appetite. Therefore, giving CBD to your horse can help reduce their appetite and lose weight. 
  • Other health benefits. Other health benefits that your horse can enjoy with CBD is treating their epilepsy. CBD can also help with other kinds of seizures as well. And if you use CBD regularly, your horse will have a healthier and more lush coat and mane. 

Is CBD oil suitable to use as a homeopathic remedy for horses?

Yes, CBD oil is perfectly suitable to use as a homeopathic remedy for horses. Because in a way, CBD oil is perfectly aligned with the principle of homeopathy. After all, CBD is indeed a natural health remedy that comes from organic hemp. 

Not only that, you can even argue that CBD oil is one of the most potent plant-based natural health remedies. And another interesting coincidence is the fact that micro dosing is actually encouraged in using CBD oil. With CBD oil, the effects will be better if you use it based on the appropriate dosage. 

There are so many variables that affect the right dosage for your horse. Talking to your trusted vet is the best way to find the correct information about that. But for horses that have never used CBD before, it is recommended to start small. And then gradually increase the dose if your horse needs it. That’s why CBD oil is very suitable to be the homeopathic remedy for your horses.

The best CBD oil that can be used as homeopathic remedies for horses

The main thing that you need to consider when it comes to CBD oil is the potency. There are three levels of potency in CBD oil. And no, getting the strongest one is not always the best option for your horses. Even if you are micro dosing it. Again, consulting your vet first is always the best course of action. 

If your horses are in need of strong pain relief, then you should give them full spectrum CBD. If your horse is somehow sensitive to medication, then using the pure isolate CBD can be the right option. But if what you are trying to achieve is simply reducing their anxiety, then you should get a broad spectrum CBD. 

Conclusion to homeopathic remedies for horses

Using CBD oil as a part of the homeopathic remedies for your horses is a perfectly valid decision. Both of them complement each other perfectly. That way, you can bring a more holistic improvement to your horses’ health.

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