Furbabies Horse Oral Drops Review

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Introduction to Furbabies Horse drops

Horses have a lot of health issues. They can have symptoms of anxiety, arthritis, neurodegenerative disorders, and more. Even if you take great care of them their entire lives you might encounter these issues. This can be due to genetics as well as everyday activities. This mixture has been one of the most reliable and safe products to help them recover from the effects of these.

In this article, we review Furbabies’ Horse Oral Drops.

Who is Furbabies?

Furbabies is a pet care company based in Vancouver, Canada. They are formed by a group of veterinarians and pet product experts which are dedicated to providing all-natural ingredients that are effective and safe. What we liked so much was that they are also one of the pioneers of the use of natural ingredients for pets issues. In addition to the horse oral drops, they also offer those for dogs, cats, and bunnies.

Furbabies Horse Oral Drops

If you are looking at the potency with concern, you don’t need to worry. Their formula for horses is the strongest compared to other animals like cats and dogs This is because of the larger frame of these animals which makes them need more of it.

It comes in a 1500 mg or 50 mL bottle. This comes with a dropper which you can directly give to your horse through their mouth. It comes in a simple packaging which guides you about the proper dosage which you can control by the number of drops you will give.

We found the bottle and the dropper to be well-designed. This is important as perfecting the dose allows the horse to receive just the right amount that they need.

Formulation of their oral drops

The drops are made from cannabimimetic ingredients and hemp terpenes. Examples of plants they gathered it from are hemp, Black pepper, and Rosemary. These are mixed together along with MCT oil. The latter is derived from coconut oil and is proven to be safe for horses and capable of travelling fast in their system.

Their main ingredient of the product is cannabidiol. This interacts with their endocannabinoid system to promote various homeostatic features of the body. Through this, horses can be relieved of anxiety, pain, and more. It has been shown to improve their appetite, sleep cycle, and protect them from diseases.

Furbabies’ Horse Oral Drops come in two forms: one that focuses on calming and one for reducing pain.

The calming solution is recommended for horses who will be travelling in places with lots of noise and lights which are known to cause stress for them. The pain-relieving solutions are for those experiencing arthritis and frequent muscle inflammation. These can take effect within a few days of regularly giving it.

Proper dosage

The exact dosage will still depend on the specific horse as different animals can have different tolerance levels. To make sure that they will get just the right amount, start by giving them a tiny dose. Once you are comfortable with the dosage you can increase this gradually in case the effects are still not felt.

There aren’t really any side effects for horses with this product which is why it is always safe for them. If you give them too much, they will not have adverse effects and will only get sleepy or suffer from diarrhea. One thing to keep in mind is that in some competitions supplements may need to be verified prior to competing.


We found that Furbabies’ Horse Oral Drops is both well-packaged and well-formulated. Their Horse oral drops are also highly effective given its use of all-natural ingredients which come from various plants. Horses suffering from anxiety and pain will benefit a lot from it. Lastly, it comes with just the right price for the amount given to you.

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