Furbabies Equine Care for Pain Review

furbabies equine care
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Introduction to FurBabies Equine Car Oral Drops

Terpenes and other medicinal derivatives are some of the most popular products for horses. It has been recommended by many pet owners who regularly give it because of its benefits against chronic pain, digestion issues, anxiety, and more. As horses are known to experience a lot of health issues, it is recommended for them.

Who is Furbabies?

Furbabies is a Canadian company which specializes in infusing all natural medicinal plant extracts into pet products. They offer oils and treats for dogs, cats, and horses. What sets them apart from competition is the immense research that they put before releasing a product to ensure that its safety and benefits are maximized. They also have affordable prices, good packaging, and customer service.

Furbabies Equine Care review

Their medicated oral drops for horses is the Equine Care product. It comes in a 50 mL bottle with a dosage of 1500mg. It comes in a variety of flavors, but what we will review today is the Natural flavor specifically crafted for pain relief.

Equine Care Packaging

It comes in a well-printed box with a wooden motif. Upon seeing its packaging, we immediately checked the good labelling as fulfilled by the company. This is because the dose of the product, the pet that it is used for, and its purpose is instantly displayed. This can guide first-time buyers and remove their confusions about what it is for.

On the side of the packaging, instructions about how to use it properly are displayed. Through this, the chances of accidentally going over the dose for your horse is lessened.

They also provide lab certifications at the side of the box. Through this, we are ensured of a high quality of manufacturing. This is important as many products are not regulated and their quality is not always ensured.

The oil is in a bottle that has its own dropper. Upon testing, we can tell that it is made with good quality because of how easy it is to extract oil. Controlling the number of drops to give is also easy because of its sturdy grip.

Equine Care Quality of ingredients

Their medicated ingredients are mixed with MCT oil, also known as mono triglyceride. This form of coconut oil is known to be easily digested which makes it excellent for horses who are known to have sensitive digestive systems.

Their ingredients are categorized as “broad spectrum”. This is because it contains hemp terpenes which are the other compounds found in the plant. Through this, the Entourage effect is promoted. Through this, the benefits of cannabis for the horse are improved unlike when only isolate is given to them.

Furbabies also has their own proprietary cannabimimetic blend. This is made with various natural ingredients that are helpful for the horses’ health such as rosemary, black pepper, and Echinacea. These are known to have anti-inflammatory and pain management benefits. Their blend has a natural taste which makes it smell organic. It does not have any chemical smell which makes it easy to give to horses.

Equine Care Benefits

The Equine Care product has been praised by many customers because of its beneficial effects.

First, it has been seen to improve the condition of older dogs, especially those who suffer from arthritis. Because it reduces the cushion of their joints, more friction is produced with every movement. This then leads to frequent inflammations and chronic pain when they move.

Many praise it for allowing their horses to feel more comfortable in walking again. After all, it reduces inflammation and reduces their sensitivity to pain. After regular consumption, you can expect them to freely walk and run around again. This then leads to more benefits such as healthy weight loss and better sleep cycles.

Because of its anti-inflammatory effects, it has also been seen to promote healing in horses’ skin. It has been seen to heal sores and wounds faster.

This particular blend of Furbabies is made specifically for pain relief which is why it promotes relief from neurological pain, chronic pains from ailments, and those from injuries and surgeries.

Its other effects include improving the quality of their fur, improving their appetite, and restoring their youthful energy.


Furbabies’ Equine Care for Pain is an excellent medicated oil. It comes with a packaging that is friendly for beginners, comes with high-quality ingredients, and is very effective for treating pain in horses. It is given by applying it to their gums or in their foods/treats. The taste didn’t put off the horse we tried it on, and they readily ate anything with the mixture on it. We would say that is it the best horse treats for pain in Canada.

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