Equine treats: how it is used, CBD flavorings, and more  

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Introduction to Equine treats: how it is used, CBD flavorings, and more

Horses love food that is chewable which is why they love treats. As owners, we should grab this opportunity to diversify their limited diet to help make them healthier. One of the best ways to do this is by giving them nutritious equine treats. Read more to know about how these are made, what its benefits are, and how CBD can be infused in horse treats to make it better for their health.

What are Equine treats?

Simply put, these are delicious bits of food that you can feed your horse occasionally. We emphasize the last part as the usual equine treats are unhealthy when consumed by your horse in large amounts. This is because these are filled with lots of carbohydrates, fats, and processed chemicals.

Equine treats are best mixed with something that gives extra flavor and aroma for them. Examples of this include apple, cinnamon, peppermint, and similar ingredients.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the trending supplements nowadays, and for good reason. After all, it has been proven by both anecdotal and scientific evidence to be safe and effective for horses. This is a compound that is harvested from the hemp plant.

What makes it so good for horses is its interaction with their endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS is a part of the body which promotes homeostasis or the regulation of their bodily processes. It affects the heart, endocrine, metabolism, muscles, and more. By consuming CBD, the horses’ health can be improved.

CBD equine treats

While CBD oils are the most common form of this supplement for both horses and humans, many pet companies have become creative in their CBD products and have created CBD equine treats to make it easier to give. This form mixes the CBD oil with a chewable treat made from flour, milk, and other nutritious ingredients. This is also mixed with a flavoring to make it more aromatic and delicious for the horse.

In this form, it will be easier for you to give CBD to your horse. After all, its chewable texture makes it very appealing for them. They won’t even notice that you’ve given them a health supplement as it doesn’t have a bitter or medicinal flavor.

Benefits of CBD equine treats

Given that CBD has a lot of scientific research behind it, there are a lot of words and terminologies that you will encounter in reading about it. But in the end, it is its benefits that matters most when deciding whether to purchase it.

The following are the different ways in which CBD equine treats can boost your horse’s health:

Relief from pain – Horses develop a lot of illnesses and skin issues that can cause chronic pain for them. This includes sores, arthritis, laminitis, and digestion issues. CBD has been seen to reduce their sensitivity to pain, allowing them to perform like usual while they receive treatments for these illnesses.

Reduction of inflammation – These are caused by exhaustion, obesity, and a limited diet. CBD has also been proven to reduce the occurrence of these, allowing your horse to walk freely and without pain in their steps.

Relief from seizures – Seizures are a result of intense neurochemical activity in the horses’ brain. Because CBD has been seen to have anticonvulsant properties, regularly giving them this can help in reducing the intensity and occurrence of seizures.

Improved digestion – Horses have a very sensitive digestive system that encounters a lot of problems as they age. CBD has been seen to help in reducing these by preventing the occurrence of insulin resistance and reducing inflammations in their gut.

What to look for in equine treats

There are lots of equine treats available in the market that each have their own specialties. It is important to look for some specific qualities to ensure that your horse gets the best benefits. This includes:

Ingredients – Look for equine treats that use all-organic, GMO-free, and human grade ingredients

Flavor – Choose one that your horse likes the most so that they’ll easily eat it

Customer reviews – Browse through what their buyers are saying to see the effectiveness and quality of the horse treats

Conclusion to Equine treats: how it is used, CBD flavorings, and more

Giving CBD equine treats to your horses can help uplift their mood and keep them satisfied. By mixing it with CBD, you can also make it a nutritious part of their diet which is why we greatly recommend these. Owners will have no difficulty in giving these as it is flavorful and chewable which many horses love.

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