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 Introduction to Simplifying CBD for horses

Research on horse health moves at a fast pace, and one of its recent greatest discoveries is CBD. Short for cannabidiol, this natural compound is given to horses by many owners who stand by its effectiveness. It is also used by humans, dogs, and cats.

However, one of the main issues why some are discouraged to use this is because of all the terminologies attached to it. For those who want to know more about it but are having a hard time understanding all of these complex terms, we made this article to guide you. 

What is CBD?

First, let us be familiarized with CBD itself. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound that can be found in the hemp plant. It is beneficial for horses because of its interaction with the biological system called endocannabinoid system, one that is also found in humans, dogs, and cats. This is responsible for keeping our body functioning properly and is connected to our digestion, energy levels, mood, and more. By consuming CBD, you can help it work better, which in turn makes the horse become healthier.

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana? Does CBD make my horse high?

Although hemp and marijuana are technically the same plant, they have a major difference: their THC content.

THC is a compound that has psychoactive effects that gives the feeling of being “high” to whoever consumes it. Marijuana plants are especially bred to have high levels of THC which is why it is used recreationally.

On the other hand, hemp has THC levels lower than 0.3% which means that whoever consumes it will not have any side effects. This is why CBD used for pets is strictly gathered from these plants and never from marijuana.

It is best to think of the difference as the difference between a Chihuahua and a German Shepard. While both are technically dogs, they greatly differ in size and capabilities.

What is the difference between CBD and hemp seed oil?

Hemp oil is another term for CBD oil. However, it is not the same as hemp seed oil. As the latter’s name implies, hemp seed oil strictly gathers its contents from the seed of the plant. Its primary use is to improve the heart’s condition and to lessen inflammations in the body.

On the other hand, CBD oil or hemp oil utilizes all of the parts of the plant, from flower, stalk, and leaves. Because of this, it becomes more effective when used as a health supplement. CBD has been seen to do the following for your horse:

  • Improve comfort and wellbeing
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce anxiety and mood issues
  • Improved GI tract condition
  • Consistent sleep cycles and quality

Is CBD use on horses well-researched?

One of the most common misconceptions about CBD is that it is just a health fad. However, you should know that CBD actually has a lot of research behind it made by veterinarians and horse health experts. These findings are also consistent for dogs, cats, and humans because of the common factor of having an endocannabinoid system for all of them.

What is the best form of CBD for horses?

CBD comes in a lot of forms that differ in its consistency, flavor, and way of being given to horses. The good news is that regardless of form, these are all equally effective as long as you give it properly.

The most common form is the liquid CBD oil which is given using a dropper. You can give it to your horse by dropping it on their tongue, rubbing it on their gums, or mixing it with their food.

Some companies also offer CBD treats and pellets which mix the CBD oil with a chewable substance. This makes it more enjoyable for some horses especially if it is mixed with flavors like apple and cinnamon.

Other forms of CBD include CBD tinctures, oils, and creams. At the end of the day, the best CBD oil for horses is the one that works for you.

Does CBD have side effects on horses?

The best part about CBD is that it is both effective for improving your horses’ health while having no side effects. This is as long as you properly follow the dosing instructions.

If you administer a very high dose, however, your horse can experience some mild side effects such as dizziness and lethargy. This is quite unlikely to happen, though, as it is easy to dose CBD because many instructions and guides are available for it.

Conclusion to Simplifying CBD for horses

Although these terms may be complex at first look, it is actually very simple once we become familiar with it. Over time, you won’t even notice that you’ve mastered these terminologies and tips once you start using it. After all, CBD’s effects speak for itself as proven by many satisfied customers who saw their horses become more active, friendly, and healthy after receiving CBD.

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