CBD blends: Full spectrum vs CBD isolate  

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Introduction CBD blends: Full spectrum vs CBD isolate

CBD is best consumed regularly for you to receive its maximum benefits. It can become an essential part of you and your pet’s diet. However, using a health supplement every day requires a lot of trust in the brand you’ve chosen. For this, you must pay close attention to the different factors that define the CBD, and one of the most important ones is the blend.

Here, we talk more about what CBD blends are, the difference between full spectrum and CBD isolate, and which one is best for you. We have gone over other natural remedies for horses before, but this article strictly looks at CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD for your horse.

What is CBD?

First things first, we have to talk about the base of both of these blends and that is CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid which can be found in the parts of hemp, from its flowers, leaves, and stalks. It is both scientifically and anecdotally supported by many to be effective for treating various symptoms. These include issues felt by both humans and horse such as body inflammation, chronic pains, and anxiety. Keep in mind that hemp is a variety of cannabis that is not psychoactive, meaning that it does not give you the sensation of being “high”. This makes CBD recommendable to be used as a daily health supplement.

CBD works by interacting with you and your pets’ endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS plays a big part in regulating our body functions, may it be metabolism, mood, or pain sensitivity. With CBD, the chemicals of the ECS your body naturally produces are prevented from being dissolved, therefore allowing the system to have better functionality.

What is a CBD blend?

The CBD compound itself is hard to consume as it is because it easily dissolves. Because of this, it is extracted through meticulous ways to ensure that its benefits will not be reduced. There are multiple ways to do this such as CO2 extraction and distillation.

One of the defining factors of a CBD’s effectiveness is its blend. This is due to the parts of the hemp plant were used to create it and what is included or excluded in the final product. This is important as it can affect the potency, flavor, and benefits of CBD for you. With the blend there are generally three variations; which are CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum CBD blends, and Broad Spectrum CBD blends for horses. For this discussion we compare Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate.

What is full spectrum CBD blend?

One of the most common forms of CBD is full spectrum. This blend includes all of the contents of the hemp plant. Aside from CBD, it has the flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids of the hemp plant. Through this, you and your pet will get the maximum benefit of CBD. It can come in a convenient way of giving CBD to your horse like oil, treats, or in their food .

The full spectrum blend is believed to be the most effective one because it enables the entourage effect. The entourage effect means CBD can work best if the other contents of the hemp plant are used together. This is because its synergy with other compounds amplifies the benefits that your horse can feel.

The other contents of hemp such as flavonoids and terpenes are aromatic compounds. These can also have a lot of benefits too. This includes removing inflammation in the body, reducing any pain you experience, and even in boosting your immune system. These are all in a full spectrum blend.

Pros of Full spectrum blend

As we can see, the benefit of the entourage effect makes it much more effective for horses. This is the closest form to directly consuming the hemp plant and generally has the best results. It also has a high potency meaning that even a small dose can be used to relieve symptoms. So with full spectrum with the same MG of product you will generally see a stronger response.

Cons of Full spectrum blend

As it contains many parts of the hemp plant, it is only natural that the blend has the grassiest flavor and the darkest color. This shouldn’t be much of an issue for us, but for picky pets, it may make it harder to get them to take it . The good news is that many pet CBD companies mix the blend with natural flavorings. This will usually make it more palatable for your horse, and maybe even enjoyable.

One of the key parts of this blend is its THC content that, even if lower than 0.3%, is still higher than other blends. While this percentage is not enough to give any psychoactive effects for whoever consumes it, it can still cause some minor side effects when taken in very high doses.

CBD isolate blend

This is the mildest blend of CBD because it removes any other part of hemp except for CBD. Through this, it has mildest potency yet is the least likely to give you side effects.

To further boost its effects, many brands mix this with other plants that have similar beneficial effects to hemp. Through this, its effects can still keep up with the other CBD blends.

Pros of CBD isolate blend

It has the mildest flavor which makes it very easy to give to your pets. Given that pets on average have lower body weights compared to us, their symptoms are most likely to improve even with its mild potency. To ensure that you get the best effects even with its absence of the entourage effect, look for a blend which incorporates other plants and nutrients to make it more beneficial for you and your pet.

Cons of CBD isolate blend

Because of its lack of entourage effect, you may need a higher dose for this compared to the full spectrum blend. However, while the isolate might be less powerful, it still has the ability to help with many issues. But for us, bang for the buck and results we have continually seen Full spectrum perform better.

Conclusion to CBD blends: Full spectrum vs CBD isolate

In the end, even with its differences in content, both blends are still highly effective. It mainly depends upon which you prefer and need. For a daily health supplement for pets, the CBD isolate can be easier to give because of its mild flavor. For treating severe symptoms of pain, anxiety, and more, a full-spectrum blend may be more beneficial.

There are a lot of different thoughts on what the best blend for your horse is. But the truth is that the best CBD product for your horse is the one that works. You might want to try different options, but it is always good to see how they respond to different doses and types of CBD.

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