Can CBD helps horses with arthritis?

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Introduction to can using CBD for arthritis in horses

Horses are one of the best companions to have around. Their bond with humans dates to many years ago, and they have long been used for racing, farm work, and transportation. To ensure their best performance in this, their health is always a priority. Because of this, one of the most dreaded diseases in horses is arthritis.

Once they are diagnosed with this, they become slower and more reluctant to orders. They also become lethargic which then leads to less opportunities for exercise.

One of the most popular forms of treatment for this nowadays is CBD for horses. We discuss more about arthritis in horses, how it is treated with CBD, and more in this article.

Arthritis in horses

Similar to how it affects humans, arthritis slowly decreases the integrity of the horse’s body. This happens in a continuous process that becomes worse with time. This mainly their cartilages which are responsible for cushioning the bones whenever the horse moves. Once arthritis damages the cartilage, the horse will start to feel pain and discomfort whenever they walk. Because of this, arthritis can cause inflammation and stiffness in their body.

There is no definite way to remove this from the body. Treatment for this is mainly focused on reducing the intensity of its symptoms. For horses, this includes regular maintenance of their hooves, adjusting their diet for them to receive more calcium, and being given medication for inflammations.

Using CBD for horses arthritis

One of the newly discovered ways of treating this is through giving them CBD. This compound affects their body through the endocannabinoid system, a part of the body also found in humans, dogs, cats, and other mammals. This body system has a role in balancing and regulating the central nervous system, and because of this, CBD can lessen the horse’s sensitivity to pain. It can also lessen the inflammations in their body.

Through this, CBD can greatly help in lessening the intensity of arthritis. Many horse owners report their pets to show less symptoms of whining and limping when regularly given this. The supplement has also been seen to lessen their limbs’ stiffness.

However, keep in mind that CBD is currently not identified as direct treatment for any illness. Rather, it should be seen as a health supplement. Because of this, it is important to check with your veterinarian to see if CBD has any interactions with the medicines currently given for the horse.

Which CBD should you give your horse?

As stated above, CBD used for horses with arthritis is mainly focused towards reducing the pain they feel and the inflammations in their body. If you want our list of who has the best CBD oil for horses in Canada just take a look and see if you have heard of any of those brands before. If you start your research on your options in the market on your own, you will find many variations and blends of CBD which may be overwhelming for first-time users. We have compiled some factors to remember to help you in choosing:

Special blends of cbd for horses

There are some companies which have specialized blends depending on the symptoms felt by your horse. Those for horses with arthritis include CBD labeled as “for Pain” and “for Inflammations”. These usually have a different set of ingredients used compared to other CBD products.

THC content in the cbd oil for horses

CBD is gathered from the hemp plant which is rich with other compounds such as terpenes and THC. A full-spectrum CBD blend includes all of these to promote the “entourage effect” which makes this more effective for treating symptoms. A broad-spectrum blend is similar, except that it has no THC content. Finally, a CBD isolate blend strictly only has CBD. Since horse arthritis is painful and can be severe for some horses, the full-spectrum blend is the most recommended for them.

Dosage instructions with cbd for horses

Next, you should also study how easy the CBD blend is to dose properly. One of the main factors that affect this is the THC content discussed earlier as the full-spectrum blend is the easiest to overdose from and vice versa for the CBD isolate. A good CBD product comes with adequate instructions on how to properly dose it depending on its contents, your horse’s symptoms, and their weight.

Certifications of the horse cbd product

Another thing to look for in CBD for horses is the certifications attached to it. First, this can tell you if they follow good manufacturing processes (uses clean extraction methods, follows proper waste disposal, free from toxins). This also tells you about the quality of the hemp they used. Finally, having certifications from local veterinary organizations is also a good sign that they are acknowledged by professionals.

Possible side effects of CBD

These side effects are only felt by your horse if you go over the recommended dose. Otherwise, they will do their day-to-day activities without issue.

Included in its side effect are:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Sleepiness

Conclusion to can you use CBD for arthritis in horses

Arthritis does not need to be a death sentence to our horses’ glorious days. With CBD, you can help revitalize their bodies to become capable of returning their old performance. It can help relieve them of pain and inflammation. Before using one, we recommend checking the blend, THC content, dose, and certifications of the product to be sure of its quality.

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