Can CBD help horses with arthritis?  

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Introduction to Can CBD help horses with arthritis?

Horses are known for their majestic appearance, their strength and endurance, and their great personalities, all of which make them wonderful companions. They are very active and versatile as they can be used for horse riding, farm work, or simply making your property livelier. All of these benefits make investing in their health a commitment that many thoroughly follow.

However, one of the diseases that make this so expensive and hard to maintain is arthritis. It has been a major drawback and cause of concern for many owners. Thankfully, CBD or cannabidiol is being promoted and praised by many to be one of the best supplements for this. In case you are curious about whether it is effective or not, read more about how CBD interacts with your equine companion’s body to relieve the dreaded symptoms of arthritis.

Arthritis in horses

Similar to how it affects humans, arthritis is a degenerative disease that slowly damages the cartilages in between your horse’s bones. Because of this, there will be less and less lubrication for every move they make until it finally renders them stiff and lame. This is a very sad condition to see progress as it also affects their mood and usually results in less exercise and worse overall health.

Sadly, the damaged cartilages cannot fully heal once they start degenerating. Because of this, lessening the symptoms of arthritis remains the best way to help your horse. Many experts recommend regular maintenance of their hooves by shoeing and trimming. Some may also recommend using medicinal drugs which are widely criticized by those who rightfully dislike the undesirable side effects of lethargy and kidney complications which come with it.

Can you use CBD for horse arthritis pain?

While CBD is still a new name for many, it was actually discovered in 1940. Since then, it has been researched to be utilized and used not just for horses, but also for humans, cats, dogs, and other mammals.

While it may sound fully artificial, CBD is actually a natural compound which is harvested from the hemp plant. Once it enters the horses’ body, it interacts with their endocannabinoid system or ECS. This part of their body plays a big part in maintaining balance and keeping them stable.

Through this interaction, CBD can help in lessening any pain and inflammation your horse experiences. This is great news for those suffering from arthritis as it allows them to become more active and confident in their steps again.

CBD also helps in preventing the degeneration of their cartilages. It has also been seen to help in reducing the slow damage to their nerves. With all of this, it is easy to see why CBD is greatly recommendable for horses with arthritis.

How to choose the best CBD for your horse.

There are a lot of companies offering CBD because of how popular it is with many horse owners. To ensure that you will purchase the best one, we advise remembering the following tips.

First, make sure that the CBD has certifications provided which prove that it is recognized by a third-party laboratory. This is to ensure the high quality of CBD extraction. After all, it affects the purity of the content. However, there are times that companies don’t get third party verifications. This does not mean they are bad products, just that they haven’t got them tested. So while a third party lab is a great bonus, don’t turned away from a product that doesn’t have lab results.

Next, we also advise thoroughly thinking of which form of CBD best fits you and your horse. CBD oils and tinctures are recommended for those who want to strictly control the dose of CBD. While CBD treats and pellets are good for those who want a flavored and chewable way of giving it. Another option is to use CBD creams and ointments. These are good for your horses’ skin but may not be recommendable if you want to use it for treating the symptoms of arthritis.

Is CBD safe for your horse?

One of the reasons why CBD is highly popular among many users is its lack of major side effects. Horses can use CBD without any issues. This is attributed by some to the fact that it is natural, and that allergic reactions to it are very low.

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However, we still recommend strictly sticking to the dosing instructions provided by the manufacturer. After all, any supplement, when taken in very high levels, can cause side effects such as dizziness and vomiting. So when you start giving your horse cbd start on the low range of suggested serving sizes and move up from there.

Conclusion to Can CBD help horses with arthritis?

CBD is a great supplement to give to your horse with arthritis. It can lessen pains, inflammations, and the progress of the diseases. It can also help in improving their mood and keeping them active and friendly.

Arthritis does not need to be the end of your horse’s active days. By giving them CBD, we can ensure that they remain at peak health. So if you are looking to turn the time back to when your horse was young then CBD might be worth a try in your daily regime.

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