Can CBD help a horses performance?

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Introduction to CBD to increase horse performance

Horses are susceptible to many diseases, many of which can cause their performance to decline. Because of this, owners all over the globe are looking for different ways to strengthen their bodies. One of the ways that many are promoting nowadays is through CBD. CBD is one of the best natural remedies for horses when they respond to it for their issues. This does not mean that every horse will see benefits, but those that do can see positive impacts to their lives.

CBD for horses

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is still relatively new in the equine market. Still, it has definitely made its name known because of countless user testimonies that review it positively.

It interacts with their endocannabinoid system to do multiple benefits. This includes the following:

Using CBD to lessen pain that horses feel

One of its main benefits is in lessening how much pain they experience. According to this research, horses given CBD were shown to have better pain management. The research was done over two weeks, and was made by biochemists and pharmacologists.

Because of this, CBD is recommended for horses suffering from diseases that cause chronic pains. This is usually seen when they have arthritis, as it causes the cushions in their joints to lessen, making it swell and ache constantly. CBD can help them become pain free and be active again.

CBD can potentially good against epilepsies for horses

Although a direct link between equine epilepsy and CBD is yet to be established, there is great potential for it due to research which shows its effectiveness for humans. It was seen to have anticonvulsant properties, which lessens the seizures that are a result of epilepsy.

This can be very helpful for horses who suffer from the disease, as even though it is not deadly, it can still make them exhausted and distressed after an attack. With regular consumption of CBD, they can have less occurrences of this.

CBD could be good for a horses anxiety

One of its seen benefits according to this research is in lessening the symptoms of anxiety. Specifically, it has been seen to have anxiolytic effects. It has also been seen to improve the sleep quality of those who previously suffer from lack of sleep due to anxiety.

Horses can be skittish animals, and so giving them CBD may just help them get more confidence. Through this, they can also be more receptive to your commands.

With all of this, you can definitely see an improvement in the overall performance of your horse.

How should you give CBD to your horse?

All of these benefits can be received by your horse as long as you give CBD in proper doses. If you’re planning to do so, we recommend trying CBD oils. These come from distilled hemp which is mixed with an oil carrier, such as hemp seed oil and MCT oil, to make it easier to travel the horse’s system.

Some also give it through horse treats. These are chewable and have flavors like apple and honey to make it easier to eat for your pet.

Finally, there are also pellets which you can easily mix with their daily food.

Conclusion to using CBD to increase your horses performance

If you select a form they prefer, and administer it in proper doses regularly, their performance can definitely improve. You can either give it as a daily health supplement, or as part of their current medication for these diseases. Through this, their chances of returning back to peak performance will be higher, as CBD is all-natural and safe to consume.

If you want to watch a nice and thorough discussion about cbd/hemp for horses check this full video out:

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