Breaking down CBD for beginners

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Introduction to CBD for horses

Having a horse can be one of the most rewarding things a person can do. The love that they share with their owners can last a lifetime. Unfortunately , during that lifetime horses can often encounter things that will lessen their quality of life when left unattended. Due to the sheer size of a horse it is not easy to just pick them up and crate them. And Vet bills can get very high very quickly for even the smallest causes.

But like any good parent, you want your large family member to have as good of life as possible. It is often said that pets are a part of our life, but we are their whole lives. To this end we have done a quick write up on the things that we have heard or seen CBD / Hemp/ Cannabinoid treats and oils help with.

The quick introduction to CBD , terpenes, and hemp oils

It wasn’t too long ago when you would bring up the word hemp or cbd that you would think about hippies and the grateful dead . Thankfully, we have all somewhat grown accustomed to the possibility that they might have been onto something.

The biggest thing that jumps to some peoples minds is that anything related to marijuana will make you lazy, giggle, and be less productive. This can’t be further from the truth. Everyday we continue to learn more and more about the medical values that these types of plants can provide. This continues to grow as we start to understand all the other chemicals that these plants contain, other than THC. THC is the chemical that is generally associated with these generalizations, as it is the one that provides that high feeling. The giddiness, the munchies , and all the other things we associate with “stoners”

However, CBD is really starting to get a lot of attention. This is due to a couple big aspects that separate it from its more popular cousin THC. This is because CBD can be taken without any of the mind altering effects, and actually provide a lot of benefits for its users. We have already put up an entire post about how horses can benefit from CBD and we will condense it down in this post even further.

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What can CBD do for horses?

So now that we know a bit about CBD, and what it is and what it isn’t we will look directly at the benefits that our large family members could get from it. It is very important to note as well, that just like people horses can respond differently to the same chemicals. Some might see drastic improvements while others show little. So if you don’t see immediate results, don’t despair as many different combinations can be tried to get the results you looking for.

We have put together a list of the things that are the issues that are usually fixed ( or improved ) by using CBD. So if you don’t want to check that list out we will do a quick rundown for you:

  • Reduce chronic pains
  • Reduce inflammation of the joints and muscles
  • Boost the overall health
  • Reduce anxiety

As you can see theses are pretty big aspects of a horses life that can get immediate improvements. These benefits can be seen simply by giving them some medicated oils. We want our horses to feel as good as they can. Often people spend even more money on their pets than they do on themselves. So if trying out a new supplement can improve their lives why not?

Risk VS. Reward of medicate oils with horses

The reality is that we often compare the risk and the reward of most actions in our lives. And the truth is that with these oils it is very heavily weighted on the rewards side and it comes down to a simple reality. This is because CBD oil can fix the issues listed above, and many other ones too, without having any huge risks attached to it. If you are thinking of trying out CBD oil, we suggest you speak with your vet and get their input. If they don’t have any issues with it, start with a low amount of medicated oil and keep increasing the dosage slowly until you relieve the issue you are targeting.

These oils are usually suspended in MCT or coconut oil there is a low chance of any allergic reactions. We aren’t saying it can’t happen but coconut oil is not usually something people are allergic to. Again, this is why we advise to start with low doses, because if there is an allergy it is much better to find out with a small dose rather than a huge one.

Another great thing about medicated oils is that some can come in at an amazing value. Many times people have to pick and choose the routes they want to go as far as medicines and treatments go. And with horses being so big, they can often require a lot of a medication to get any results. There are a lot of great priced terpenes and blends that can provide huge relief without a huge price tag. This is just another thing to think about in the risk and reward aspect of trying it out.

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Worries about CBD oil for your horse

We are always worry about trying new things for our pets, no matter how much we read up on it. This is the reality of loving something, and that is that we want the best for them no matter what. We suggest you speak with your Vet when you are thinking of adding any new things to their lives. As the owner and the primary caregiver your input coupled with a Vets medical experience will ensure the best outcome for your horse.

Final thoughts

Although this article isn’t very in depth, it doesn’t mean that it can’t help those who are thinking about adding CBD to their horses lives. We have heard from a lot of people that it can really help. These stories include reducing some of the issues that come with aging and horses. If you are looking for even more information about Horses and CBD we suggest you read our more in depth article about the basics of CBD and horses . At the end of the day everyone wants to provide the

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