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Introduction to Apawthecary Pets

One of the special things about CBD is the fact that it could be used by both animals and humans. That means your pets could enjoy relatively similar benefits from CBD just as you did. And though it is often said that CBD can be used by almost every kind of animal, the overwhelming usage of it is for domesticated animals, particularly dogs and cats.

Not only that, there are even some products that were specifically made for dogs and cats. But that doesn’t mean other animals don’t have their fair share of CBD-based products. There are brands out there that cater to other animals as well.

The most popular one after cats and dogs are horses. And one of the brands that offer CBD products for horses is a company called Apawthecary. They are a Canadian company that made a name for themselves through their high quality products and support. Below are all the things that you need to know about their products.

What is CBD and how does it work

Before we get to the CBD from Apawthecary, let’s begin with understanding what CBD is and how it works. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a part of a large family of compounds called cannabinoids. These compounds could be found inside cannabis and all of its subclass plants, such as marijuana and hemp.

Other than CBD, the other main compound of cannabis is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is a psychoactive compound that could make you feel high, while CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that could make you feel calm. Due to its benefits and risk-free nature, CBD ends up being the one that is extracted so that it could be used to deal with various ailments in both humans and animals.

Once consumed, CBD would make contact with a neural network called the Endocannabinoid system. Within this body-wide system are receptors called CB1 and CB2. By binding itself to these receptors, CBD gains the ability to temporarily influence various functions of our body. Horses are very lucky as their receptors work very well when getting CBD into their system. This is why there are so many products from oral drops to CBD treats for horses.

What can Apawthecary CBD do for horses?

The benefits that horses can enjoy from Apawthecary CBD could be divided into three categories. The first one is on the nervous system. The second one is on the digestive system and finally on several other parts of the body. And the last one is for the external part of the body, such as skin and coat.

For the nervous system, the first and foremost benefits that your horses got to enjoy through CBD is its calming effect. CBD is an effective anti-anxiety solution. For a more serious problem, CBD is also great for epilepsy and other types of seizures. And for a more general purpose application, CBD is a very potent pain killer.

For the digestive system and other parts of the body, CBD could help manage the appetite of your horses. This is very crucial especially if your horses have trouble with their eating habits. Other than that, CBD could also treat arthritis and other muscle and joint problems due to its anti-inflammatory property.

And finally we got to the outer part of the body. For the skin, CBD could help with various skin issues, such as rashes, bumps, and redness. And if you regularly give CBD to your horses, you’ll notice a smoother coat and a thicker and more glowing mane.

CBD alternative from Apawthecary

CBD-based products are not the only thing that Apawthecary has to offer for your horses. They also have other solutions that could offer very similar benefits. And it is their own custom mix of hemp terpenes, MCT oil, and also their own special blends of cannabimimetics.

Keep in mind that there are certain pros and cons with this CBD alternative. For the pros, this blend of compounds could offer some of the benefits of CBD while also adding their own beneficial nutrients on top, such as proteins, fibers, and even fatty acids of Omega 3 and Omega 6.

But the cons for that is the potency. Yes, it is true that this custom mix is perfectly capable of giving identical effects of CBD to your horses, but unfortunately, those effects would be inferior to the real CBD. So if your horses needed a truly strong anti-anxiety or painkiller, then CBD is still your best bet.

Tips on using Apawthecary CBD for your horses

The first thing that you should pay attention to when buying a CBD for your horse through Apawthecary is the amount of CBD inside the oil. Apawthecary have different categories of CBD oil based on the amount of CBD inside. For a horse, you should get the highest one, which is the 300mg CBD oil.

Once you have the CBD, the next thing that you should do is figuring out the best dosage to give to your horse and how often you should give it to them. Because dosage and frequency are the two things that would ensure your horse gets the best out of the CBD. You should consult your trusted vet for this information.


Apawthecary is one of the Canadian companies that offer CBD products for horses. Their line of CBDs has been proven to be effective, affordable, and could help with numerous ailments. And if you want to try something other than CBD yet still has similar benefits to CBD, they also have a custom blend of essential compounds for your horses.

And now I am sad to say, that after reading the entire article about how great they are you will have to find out that they are no longer around. If you are wondering what happened to apawthecarypets , don’t worry as we did a full article on the dog site about it. What it boils down to is that their products isn’t available anymore, but Furbabies came out with one that is just as good. I was a veteran customer of Apawthecary for a long time and was worried I could never find a replacement. But I can 100% state that Furbabies is just as good, if not better in some aspects, than Apawthecary was.

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