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Introduction to who is Furbabies

Horses naturally have a limited diet as they are grazers in the wild. Because of this, their diet is mainly comprised of grass which is made up of fiber and little nutrition. This, along with the high levels of performance expected from them, makes them naturally susceptible to many illnesses. Because of this, many horse owners use different supplements to improve their horses health with their equine treats. One of the most effective ones is hemp oil.

The problem is that hemp oil has a lot of variations in the way that it is blended and the ingredients included depending on the brand. Because of this, we must do our research before choosing one to purchase. This lessens the hassle on our part and ensures that your horse will only adjust to a new health supplement once. For Canadian residents looking for hemp that is perfect for reducing pain and anxiety for their horses, we recommend Furbabies the most. By the end of this article, you will learn more about the company and the people behind it, the different products they offer, and what makes them stand out.

All about Furbabies

While the company is still relatively new, the folks behind the company are not. They are made up of people with 46 years of collective knowledge in the pet industry. They created the company with the goal of providing an all-natural and effective alternative to your pet’s pain and anxiety issues. This is for users to avoid having to resort to pharmaceuticals or harsh chemicals. They have formulated a unique cannabimimetic blend which incorporates various nutritious herbs. These herbs that can greatly help in improving your horses’ condition. This includes Echinacea, Black pepper, rosemary, and hemp oil, all of which can greatly improve your horse’s health.

Reasons why Furbabies is great for new users

One of the main goals of Furbabies is to maintain constant communication with their customers. Furbabies goal is to be a company that is always open and honest about their products. Because of this, they guide users and answer questions about the ingredients they used, how their blend can be dosed for your pet, and any other related inquiries. They also have an FAQ and knowledge base available on their website for you to know more about their blend.

Their pride in their products is evident and calls on their years of research. This expertise has allowed them to provide amazing products that work very well. Their research is centered on discovering the best all-natural ingredients for alleviating the common issues felt by horses Aside from horses, their products can also be used by dogs and cats. They continue to experience a high level of success in terms of their blend’s effectiveness, their customers’ reviews, and in terms of sales. The company also continues to listen to the different suggestions of customers regarding their blend.

Products that Furbabies offer for horses

Their main product for horses is the Equine Care oral drop which has two variations: one for calming and one for pain relief. These come in a 50mL bottle which has a total of 1500mg of their proprietary blend inside. This is enough to last for about a month of daily administering for horses which makes it a worthwhile purchase for its price.

Their unique blend is mixed with MCT oil to make it easily digestible for their bodies. MCT is a derivation of coconut oil which makes it healthier for daily consumption. The oil has also been seen to have anti-inflammatory properties which makes it very healthy for horses with swollen joints and muscles.

The oil is contained in a white glass bottle that is lightweight. You can use the dropper included to extract, measure, and give the oral drops to your horse. Aside from putting it in their tongue, you can also apply the oil on their gums. Through this method, the oil enters their body through the sublingual glands which enters their bloodstream faster. While this may be difficult on your first attempt horses usually get used to the oil quickly. And if you are still having a hard time you can put it on treats.

Furbabies Equine Care Oral Drops for calming horses

The Equine Care Oral Drops for Calming is recommended for horses who are anxious. By regularly giving this, you promote relaxation and help them become calmer. Even though the drops makes them relaxed, it does not affect their performance at all, and instead, even boosts it. This makes the blend ideal to be used for horses who are having difficulty concentrating as they will be better rested. With less anxiety, their health in general is also expected to improve as they will have better sleep and more exercise.

The Equine Care Oral Drops for Pain Relief is recommended for horses who are experiencing chronic pains and inflammations. This can be brought by illnesses such as arthritis and neurodegenerative disorders that are usually diagnosed in older horses. With these drops, their sensitivity to pain is lessened and their body inflammations are reduced. This then helps them exercise more, have better appetite, and even have an improved coat.

What makes Furbabies’ products stand out?

The thing we liked best about Furbabies is how effective their blend is. You can really tell that their research paid off given how effective it is in reducing pain and calming down horses. With daily administration of the blend, many customers have noticed their equine companions to be much more energetic.

Furbabies Oral drops for horses

Their oral drop for pain relief has been seen to be effective in treating arthritis in horses. Some users say that it helped their horse run freely again after not being able to for a long time. One customer also said that the oral drop helped in improving the healing with their horses ulcer.

Their oral drops for calming were praised for making horses both calmer and more attentive to their owners. A customer said that their horse, who naturally has a skittish personality, was seen to be friendlier towards other horses and humans.

Another factor we really liked about Furbabies is their dedication towards providing the best customer experience. They are quick to answer inquiries and are patient in doing so.

We also liked their packaging of their products as they were clean and professional. This helps new users tell how much to give their horses. As well as how to use it and the ingredients in their blends.

Final thoughts on Furbabies

Furbabies is an excellent brand of hemp oil for horses. They’ve got the most important part of effectiveness covered as we can see from their use of a unique blend, the positive customer testimonials, and the variations available. Its effects are both fast acting and consistent for horses of all ages.

Furbabies have dedicated their time in making sure that their products are easy to use. They maximize the use of their packaging and website to teach users about using the drops and the ingredients they use. Their customer support is by far the best we have ever interacted with, possibly out of any product type we have tested.

In case your horse is suffering from issues of chronic pain and anxiety, we recommend Furbabies the most. We guarantee you that their all-natural and unique blend will be sure to treat your horses’ issues effectively. We have found them to not only have amazing Horse products, but they are also our top product to help cats relieve stress in Canada.

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