A quick guide for giving CBD to horses

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Introduction to the benefits of cbd for horses

When it comes to horses’ health, there are a lot of products promoted as the “next big medicine”. After all, horses suffer from a lot of issues such as navicular, spine, and limb issues. They are also prone to stress and have behavioral issues. One of the products now promoted for horses is CBD or cannabidiol.

This is primarily because of its safety and effectivity when given to horses. It can help relieve the mental stress and tension that they feel, flush out the toxins in their body, and relieve them of any chronic pain that they may be feeling. It is seen as a way for addressing the issue of weakness and misbehavior.

Should your horse use CBD?

A misbehaving horse is not always how they seem to be. Sometimes, it is a training issue, but sometimes, it is also a result of various health issues that they may be going through. For example, those with arthritis may find it painful to move throughout the day and may start being reluctant to follow orders. CBD is greatly advertised for this because of its great effect on the mental health of horses. It naturally interacts with the neuroreceptors of their brain and allows them to be relieved of anxiety and generally have an improved mood.

It can also help relieve them from any chronic pain that they feel. This works by having the CBD interact with their nervous system and sending signals to lessen the pain that they may be feeling. It is also a great improver of their nervous health and can make them avoid neurodegenerative disorders that may develop. Other benefits of CBD include improving their coat health and boosting their immune system.

Keep in mind, though, that CBD is not a wonder drug that fixes all diseases. In the end, you will still have to address their issues directly. What the product does is only boost their general health and lessen the symptoms of their diseases.

Where does CBD come from?

CBD comes from hemp. It is important to know that it is separate from marijuana. Even if the latter also contains CBD, companies generally get it from hemp as they avoid having high levels of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is because CBD is a healthy product while THC can be toxic at high levels.

Hemp is legal to purchase and is used for a variety of industries such as clothing and paper. It is renewable and safe for the environment. It is also highly organic and legal in the United States.

How do you give CBD to horses?

CBD is primarily given in oil form to horses. The exact dosage will depend on their size and can be controlled by the number of drops given to them.

How does CBD affect the horses’ body?

Humans and many animals, including horses, have a body system called ECS or the endocannabinoid system that can boost a lot of functions in your body. It can improve your eyes, nerves, immune system, and more. They primarily work using cannabinoid receptors such as CBD. By taking CBD, you can help the system interact with different body parts to improve their function. For example, it can communicate with the nervous system to lessen the chronic pain that you are feeling and also to relieve you from anxiety. This body system ensures homeostasis of the body.

Does CBD have negative side effects?

CBD are sold in many states freely, either through stores or online. This is because they have low levels of THC, with the legal limit being 0.3% or lower. Because of this, it is hard to overdose from the product. In case you accidentally administer a higher dosage than advised for your horse, the only side effects include bowel irritation, sleepiness, and headaches for them. However, some components of the product may cause allergies in special cases. In case this happens, you will be advised to stop using it altogether.

How to look for the best CBD product?

Knowing that CBD is still a relatively new product and that there are still misconceptions about it, it is important for horse owners to look for a company that can guide them along the way. They should have a lot of resources available in their websites and packaging that can tell you how the product is properly given, its benefits, and its potential risks. It is good for them to clarify that these products are also not direct medicine for any underlying medical conditions. Finally, it is good if the product is made from pure CBD or directly states if it has other components.


CBD is very beneficial for horses. It is safe to consume and is not toxic for them while having a lot of benefits for alleviating pain, boosting their immune system, making them more active, and more. It interacts with their endocannabinoid system for this.

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