A guide for buying CBD products for horses

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CBD can now be seen everywhere, from pharmacies, supermarkets, and online shops. Aside from being a good health booster for humans, it also has formulations for horses. There is a lot of investment in these products nowadays because of its highly beneficial effects such as reducing chronic pain, anxiety, and seizures in horses. 

There is a lot of research and veterinary information applied to this to ensure that it can be used to improve the health of horses.

How does CBD work?

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural compound which can be found in the cannabis hemp plant. It interacts with the different receptors of the body, particularly those in the nervous system. Because of this, it can lessen any neuro-related pain that we feel such as chronic pains, seizures, and anxiety. CBD is safe to use and comes with minimal side-effects.

Factors to consider

We reviewed various horse CBD oils and have compiled important information that you must consider before purchasing one to get the best benefits from it. 


First, it is important to know its dose. After all, the size of the animal affects how heavy the effect of CBD is, how fast it works, and how much of an effect it will give them. Horses are known to be more efficient in managing energy. They also have a slower metabolism. Because of this, some of them have lower CBD dosage requirements compared to large breeds of dogs. This is why you should purchase CBD specifically for horses as its formulation is unique for them.

Users should know that CBD will not cause horses to get high. It is safe to consume in proper doses and does not have drastic side effects if you accidentally overdose on it.

CBD is gathered from a hemp plant which also contains THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. The latter is the one that is psychoactive and can have a lot of effects on the receptors of the animal that takes it. Because of this, the CBD sold for horses contain less than 0.3% of this to make it safe to use.

Competition usage

Keep in mind that CBD is not allowed to be used for horses that will be involved in races. They ban all forms of cannabinoids and consider CBD as a performance enhancer. While this is negative news for some, this can also be a good sign that CBD is seen as effective and powerful for maintaining various health issues of horses.

Ingredients included

CBD is mixed with other ingredients to further boost its effect. Hemp terpenes are aromatic compounds that have beneficial effects for the horse which promotes the “entourage effect” of CBD, making it more effective. The form of CBD which contains this is called broad-spectrum CBD and is more recommended because of its highly beneficial effects. 

There are also oils that strictly only contain CBD. These are called “CBD isolates” and are preferred by those who want to be very sure of the contents of the CBD. 

Quality of ingredients

Be sure to choose one that follows good manufacturing practices by applying product control, risk management, and more. The best ones come with a third-party lab certification which ensures that it is healthy for your horse. Good CBD oils are considered human-grade and come with a healthy aroma free from chemical fumes. 

Benefits of CBD

CBD provides a lot of benefits for horses such as the following:

  1. Lessen inflammation – horses, especially athletic ones, are prone to having joint and muscle inflammations. CBD has been seen to reduce these. 

2. Lessen stress and anxiety – horses are easily scared by unfamiliar stimuli such as loud noises and bright lights. CBD has been seen to make them calmer and more relaxed. The best part is that it doesn’t affect their energy levels.

3. Improving immune system, cardiovascular health, and coat.

How is it given to horses?

CBD for horses is mainly given by applying it to their gums. It can also be mixed with their food, although it is less recommended as they may not properly digest it. 

Our best pick – Furbabies Equine Care CBD Oil

Furbabies is our best pick because of their good blend. Although not a traditional CBD product ( that we see when others just dump CBD oil into MCT oil) as they use cannabimimetics ( which are close but not the exact same) They incorporate the various hemp terpenes for the oral blends which further boosts its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Their CBD for horses has two variations: one for alleviating horse anxiety and one for alleviating chronic pain that they feel. Both of these come in a 1500 mg bottle, with its dosage controlled with the use of a dropper. 

furbabies equine care
Bottle and box for Furbabies Equine care for Pain

There are a lot of positive reviews for Furbabies because of how fast it works. For the best effects, it can be used daily. Doing daily usage the horse can suffer from less neuropathic pains, inflammation, and anxiety. It can also improve the condition of their coat, their appetite, and their sleep cycles.

Furbabies uses MCT oil for the base which stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride. This is derived from both coconut and palm. It is good for horses as it is more easily digested and turned into energy.  They use only all natural ingredients and have over many years of blending, testing, and optimizing their products.

furbabies care drops
the bottle and package furbabies horse drops comes in


Before buying CBD for horses, we recommend you to check its dose, the ingredients included, and the quality of these. In case your horse is used for competition, CBD is not recommended as any form of cannabinoid is not allowed for these. 

Our most recommended one is Furbabies’ Equine Care CBD oil. This comes in two versions, one for pain and one for anxiety. What we liked most about it is its high-quality ingredients, its inclusion of hemp terpenes to its formulation, and its good packaging. With this, you can lessen inflammation and anxiety in horses.

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